If you are experiencing difficulties viewing the videos found on dhlovelife.com, please keep the following in mind:

1. Most browsers enable something called "caching" so that pages load faster. However caching can occasionally cause problems and for various reasons not allow your browser to collect any new information. Click here for instructions on how to empty your cache (this can be a handy tip in general as your cache can really build up over time and slow down your web surfing).

2. Remember, depending on your connection speed, the videos may take a few minutes to load.

2. Check to see whether you have the quicktime player properly installed. The basic player is available for free here.

3. Download the video directly here. This way you can allow the video to fully download before watching it on your quicktime player or ipod.

4. Still no luck? Email us at techsupport@dhlovelife.com


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