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an american hemp surfboard - the big kahuna
the most eco friendly boards on the market today!

these beautiful american made hemp boards r 50%+ bio based
fiberglass is replaced with hemp fiber completely + the core is replaced with 50% bio based material + they use bio resin 4 the finishing coat.

the big kahuna board is 4 catching waves on any day 4 intermediate riders + beginners just riding in the ankle slappers

built to last, super durable, strong as carbon fiber but created naturally with carbohydrates.

core: biofoam + ice-9 sugar based blanks
considering most sustainably harvested balsa comes from south america + must be shipped in, local suppliers require much less energy 2 deliver materials
biofoam- a bio-based product from renewable agricultural resources. life cycle analysis indicates using biofoam results 36% less global warming emissions, a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use + a 23% reduction in total energy demand

skin: green wave technology 100% hemp - stronger + better flex than fiberglass
hemp - closed loop, carbon neutral, pesticide free fibers. the world's longest + strongest natural fiber. known throughout history 4 its resistance 2 the sun, mildew, bacteria, saltwater + wear.

finish: uv resin, bioresin 4 finishing coat - the resin used 2 laminate the board is still 50% synthetic.
this is where the bio-resin research currently happening will change things greatly. the future holds many wonderful new developments.

9’2”long x 21”wide x 3”thick
price: 777.00$
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