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special secret surprise!!!
the baddest assest biodiesel "el camino" ever
with your own b100 biodiesel pump + station!!!

the auction of the el camino will start JANUARY 15TH - TODAY!!!! (on ebay)

thanx guys...
we've been sooo psyched to have all the inquiries about the el camino -

- yes i may require visitation rights
- no, i don't mind if you haul lumber - if it's fsc wood!
- yeah i like it too (i'm having sellers remorse) but i wanna spread the love!
so here it is...

SUPER RARE! ONE OF A KIND!!! diesel engine, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, electric windows and cruise control. awesome stereo with original radio + c.d. player + ipod connection...

uh huh...
that's right...
the original black beauty biodiesel el camino
run on b100 sustainably sourced biodiesel
this super stealth flat matte black el camino hasn't seen a lick of petroleum + has been my daily driver for 7 years
one of the few diesel el caminos ever made
factory diesels r super hard 2 find
(they only made a few hundred in '83 +'84)
it's fully primered, smoked + tinted with custom body work + rally hubs + wheels
it gets pretty decent gas mileage cause it's not so heavy 33mpg+
5.7l gm diesel, automatic, cruise control ac, pb, ps,
139,000 miles
i love it soo much + I wanna share the love
(u know i'll find another one 4 myself)
it comes with a basic oh so easy home biodiesel fueling station
if you have room 4 a trash can - you have room 4 your own gas station!
easy instructions included
a 55 gallon super lightweight storage drum- a hand pump + filter
with unique quick release fittings that take the hassle out of threading etc.

so easy I can do it myself all dressed up + no mess
we'll give you a resource guide 2 finding the most sustainable b100 biodiesel source near you!

check out the pics below...

woo hoo! kick oil!
no war required...

2 see more about bio-diesel + the el camino -
(go 2 dhlovelife bio-diesel vlog#1)

so get up and get off the fossil fuels!!!
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