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comfy food carrier
we like the size, handle + simplicity of this
light weight, durable, double compartment stainless food container.
take your lunch with you
or leave the food carrier in the car 4 take out food
instead of taking + making more trash!

why stainless steel?
well itís one of the most hygenic surfaces,
easy 2 clean,
no pores or cracks 2 harbor dirt,
germs or bacteria.
no offset out gassing residue like most plastics,
so it doesnít make you sick or affect the flavor.
+ with minimal care it wonít rust
+ a life expectancy of over 100 yrs
+ it should last your lifetime
+ its totally recyclable.
so no more disposeables, take outs or 2 goís!

each contaier holds 3 cups
all together measures 5.5" diameter x 7" tall
price: 16.00$
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