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cleanest compost bucket
we used 2 use an old bowl with a dish 4 a lid
then we tried a bucket
now we use this compost bucket + we'll never go back!
this bucket keeps the fruit flies off + the smells away
the sturdy, heavy handle makes it easy 2 carry.
2 charcoal filters come in the lid
+ a replacement set of charcoal filters r included.
one gallon capacity
dimensions: 11" tall, 7" dia
everybody's loving these BIG time!

why stainless steel?
well it's one of the most hygenic surfaces, easy 2 clean,
no pores or cracks 2 harbor dirt,
germs or bacteria.
no offset out gassing residue like most plastics, so it doesn't make you sick or affect the flavor.
+ with minimal care it won't rust
+ a life expectancy of over 100 yrs
+ it should last your lifetime
+ its totally recyclable.
so no more disposeables, take outs or 2 go's!
price: 40.00$
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