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ranch bio-beast!!!
meet tomcar….
isn’t he cute?
this tough buddy will + can do almost anything you need on the ranch
a sandrail (think baja 1000), mule hybrid
the tomcar is workhorse extraodinaire
+ it runs on b100 biodiesel
(sustainably sourced – the only kind we like )!!!

25 mpg – up to 250 miles fuel range
(with optional 2nd tank).
the highest safety profile - like a roll cage on wheels
designed for 300hp but powered by 35…
seamless frame + roll cage welded as one unit.
safety fuel tanks, racing regulation 4 point seat belts.
very low center of gravity
+ long suspension travel makes the tomcar extremely safe 2 drive
for all skill levels
towing capacity – 2500 lb, up to 100% cargo payload (on TM5 models).
3 cyl turbo diesel running on b100!

street legal (low speed vehicle)
built to do the toughest jobs ever imaginable
+ made in the u.s.

price: 14999.00$
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