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Spring = the season of growth and rebirth…. In honor of that, the perfect hero 4 spring is….

Julia butterfly hill spent 2 years + 8 days on a 4’ x 6’ platform, tree sitting in “Luna” – a gigantic redwood in order 2 help raise awareness + protect the last remaining 3% of the ancient redwood forests.

She is an extremely grounded + enlightened individual who takes action 2 help bring about justice while showing us how we each can surpass our perceived limitations and do something 2 create positive change.

I have always admired Julia greatly ever since I first heard of her “Luna” tree-sit.  Often referring 2 the  hope that 1 day I would pull my “butterfly” out..  That I might find an action 2 take which I am passionately connected 2 + will speak clearly 2 help create a better world.. What i called my 
butterfly Julia has more eloquently named “what’s your tree?”

2 find your tree + learn more about this awesome woman – check out Julia’s site - circleoflifefoundation.org
beautiful, awesome + inspiring
thank you JBH!!!

we love you julia...
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