Hi Daryl - What an inspiring site full of great material I plan to share with my classes. I just saw SO RIGHT, SO SMART and loved your v.o. in this upbeat doc on green business. Also loved your GREEDY, LYING BASTARDS film which I wish could be required viewing for all! Also, to update you on our So. Central Farm doc with your footage and caring presence, I want you to know it aired on NATURAL HEROES, the Public Television series and clips have been part of exhibit on community at museum in Oakland. Thanks for all you do!
Sheila Laffey

My own eco sfere

I admire what you do so much. Strong beutifull fierceless women! I want to be like you. I have a son and I want him to have a safe future, a happy and healthy home, living of the earth as nature intended, growing up to be responsable, aware and respectfull but most of all happy. So in my own humble way I write this blog about eco living and the small changes I am doing for me, my family and everyone / everything else that surounds me. Getting a little bit better everyday...and I hope to inspire someone too.


housing and its impact on the envionment

I have been researching composting toilets and was shocked to discover that the refuse from these toilets is still considered "night soil" by our council (shire, local government). Therefore it has to be buried and I need a lot more land than I have for that. So again I need a lot more money to do something right for the environment. Also when a sewerage system becomes available I would be required by law to use it, and stop using the composting toilet. Required by law to do something that damages the environment more.
I still rent while saving to build some sort of place that suits the environment, the law and my budget.
Its next to impossible. I will probably die before I live in my own house.
While renting I watch the landlord remove the solar hot water system (rather than repair it) and then complain about the cost of electricity. I can do nothing. I could waste my savings improving his house, if he gave me permission but he would raise the rent, as the house would then be improved.
So Im stuck here destroying the environment like a good law abiding citizen.
The larger the group of humans the more insane it acts.

Lacerated one

I\\\'m inspired!

A magazine i read today mentioned this website so i wrote it down and looked it up when i got home. Now I\\\'ve been inspired to think about the impact my everyday choices have on the world. I\\\'m realising that so much of what i use is so damaging to the environment. Now I\\\'m going to look for organic products and even if that takes a bit more effort and costs a little bit more it\\\'s better for the environment and therefore benefits everyone. It doesn\\\'t take much to help out mother nature and she is too precious to ignore.
Thanks for your inspiration!

Net-Zero Solar Living...

Hi Daryl,
I converted my families home to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no gas or oil out here in Connecticut. We wanted to have less impact on our planet and protect the family from the coming peak oil crisis...We did things that almost anyone can do along with some unique changes that you might not even have thought of...The short film is called, "Preparing for Peak Oil"..I attached the link for you and your followers to view...

All the best,


Time is running out

I look at what the future may bring and I realise Im just one of the extra people, that the brave new world will not be able to support. How will sickness be treated in a world with low resources. There is too many people anyway I guess, unless they have something to contribute.
I guess I could be the shaman, teach people how to leave their body at will, move through time and space, heal themselves emotionally, although its really just being in balance with any environment, physical or otherwise, and in balance with each other.
Do you have room in your hearth for a forgetful time traveler?
Time is running out.
Justin Time


ETHONAL is MOONshine WHITE-lighting SIPping-whisKEY PURE-grain ALCOhalS unfit for human consumption HEMP aGAINst DEFORESTation for ALTERNATIVE APPlications BIO-FUELS Clothings Drinks Enviroment Foods Goods Houseing INDustrial Jobs Kilts Landfill REclaiming Materials Natural Organicly Productive Quotetational REuseable REcycleable REdirectable Rope Sails Sustainable THOUSANDs of years of growth to&for home & business commerce uses Utilities Value Work generation Xylophone material substitute Youth protiens oils beneficial fats Zoo & Bird foods beding nests an MORe much More as is known and is being supressed ridiculed violently opposed is to become SELF-EVIDENT aGAIN

food for thought

Hi Daryl

I was at the beach and saw a shark killed. Isn't it strange how we swim in the shark's lunch room, and then blame the shark? Needless to say that the shark was to be eaten too. No doubt someone cut the teeth out to use for a bracelet, for a trophy of cannibalism. When will the human race learn to understand that killing and eating animals, fish, birds, is why wars exist. That lack of respect for life is the basis of all problems on Earth. We are a sad species of killer. We use words like "warrior", "duty" and "for our country" to cover the truth; that we are a species of mass murderers, who believe we are "civilized", a word only, as we are so used to blinding our eyes to the truth. The human species has always lived the lie that we are not animals. But who of us is not an animal? That we let the abomination, that we are, continue to exist.


the times; they are a changin ????

lots of people; political, business, private, others also,
are waffling on with their views on the environment.

opinion this, opinion that; every one has an opinion!

opinion is what we have
when we do not have facts and a line of reasoning.

when we have facts and a line of reasoning
we do not offer opinions;
as we have facts!

hello?; hello?; hello?;

is there anyone doing any real thinking
on space ship earth,

that seems to be more like a train wreck
waiting to happen
on a dark and wet
dangerous windy night.

who are our real leaders?

do we have any REAL leaders?

what are we doing?
where are we going?
what are we on about?

are we humans?

or are we just;
mentally and morally
slightly upgraded;


woof; woof; woof;

thus the world "leaders"
talk to themselves in their mirrors.

woof; woof; woof;

we vote for them....

woof; woof; woof;

i write to you now....

animal-istic voter

solar professional since 1978

You were terrific on the BBC! Renewables are so much easier than the mainstream media leads the public to think.

Bless you. Thanks very much.
Mark Wiener


This is a fantastic blog. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved...


"Anxiously I began this course
With life my awe grew even worse
Unwillingly returned with force
What was the point, I ask my source."

~ Khayyam


whats it going to take for people to commit

Whats it going to take for average (poor) people to commit to changing the environment.
They might do it if they think it threatens their very existence.
But more likely they will do it if its cheaper or there is no other option. In other words it up to governments. But governments are elected and voters want jobs. I would like to see unemployed workers building solar and wind power products, and non fossil fuel cars. The more of these products made the cheaper they will be. Its going to take the government to make this happen so I guess its up to you to let them know the environment is a top priority.
Some Guy

Someoen who cares and wants to make a difference

All I have to say is that there just isn't enough information to educate people about Global Warming our Climate and Renewable Energy and our environment. It is getting better but there still isn't enough being done. Our economy isn't helping but untill we help and make a difference in Washington in regaurds to What changes need to be made to stop global warming and help our planet NOthing is going to change. We all need to work together and make our voices heard. Maybe then and only then will things change. I reall think there need to be seminars offered in every major city as long as smaller communities can attend. Hope you have agreat night. And a great Green Weekend. Belinda


Hey I was out back fixin my neighbors car this afternoon and I heard Daryl Hannah on KPFK, talking about some Bio-diesel event. A concert? I think, and some other kind of Bio-diesel users event. Sounded like there would be some folks I'd like to talk to. I've done a few conversions, recently updated my diesel fuels systems training etc. I'm really not buying this food vs. fuel stuff. The Timothy Searchinger article, that the NRDC uses to argue against first generation Bio-fuel. Basically corn based Ethanol. Then he goes after the switch-grass, land use etc. It just sounds like his models are bit too broad in scope and overly skeptical if not downright pessimistic. People refer to that guys article as though it were the last word on Bio-fuel. Then there's what should be, in theory, and then what the workers, actually get done. It just never seemed all that impossible to me, that we can find a low carbon way to make renewable combustion engine fuel. Twenty three years ago, I had an 85' Fiat Panorama, when we lived in Brazil, that ran on E-100. It was just a little 1.3 liter but on that stuff it ran like a turbo charged 1.6. When it comes to combustion engines, America is pretty addicted to the V-6. Not exactly sure why? Some bhp/marketing thing??
Anyway I'm rambling cause I don't see America reducing it's CO2 levels soon enough, by waiting around for Lithium Ion powered throw away culture to get the job done.
New Turbo Diesels burn ULSD much cleaner, I'd love to hear what folks who've been running B-100 or whatever, in these engines have to say. I know what most Audi and VW mechanics say, but don't know any who really care about the planet. If it were up to me I would have a variety of Bio-powered experiments running and increasing the need for Domestic, cleaner, renewable fuel. I'm not anti-electric or Hybrid, I just don't see that stuff coming thru fast enough. People would often say to me" yeah well Ethanol or Bio-diesel, bla,bla bla, but that's just a temporary, or bridge to what's really going to da da daa". Well we we need that damn bridge now. Clearly people don't give a shit unless you make it easy for them.
I hope this event is after 3 o'clock on Saturday or some time Sunday. If any of your Bio-fuel mechanic friends need help or are willing to talk about their latest conversion, you could let me know. My alternative fuels class at Trade Tech was kind of a bust. Mostly about Natural gas, LPG. and Hybrids. They are getting more serious about Bio- diesel. Finally.
Kendall Linzee

FUEL again

Searchinger was on NPR this morning, explaining his research in greater detail, with emphasis on the potential deforestation nightmare. He did, almost admit that bio-fuel has a place if land use is regulated, or something along those lines. Then maybe you saw our President speak at MIT. The words "sustainable bio fuels", did actually come from his mouth. In that very order. Did you hear him?
I didn't know Searchinger was from Princeton. There was a very critical study on corn based ethanol from that school long before his name ever surfaced. Some theory about fertilized corn using too much petroleum. It was debunked, somewhat. Back in like 2002 or so. I think someone revealed that a very small percentage of field corn requires fertilizer? Something like that. They also pointed out that Princeton has recieved millions from the oil industry. It almost sounds like someone in the Obama administration may have had a little talk with this guy and reminded him, that we need to make Bio-fuel a part of the picture.
I hope this is good news.
Thanks Again.
Kendall Linzee

talking revolution

hi daryl,

just me,
a world voter passing by,
stopping to register a vote
on your message space to the world.

as follows:

it is very good to see that you are going to fight
in the law courts
over your arrest
at the mountain top removal protest.

we out here in the world know that you will lose,
as the trial is stacked against you.

the government can not afford to let the people have a say
even once,
as the people might get the idea
that they can do it again.

next thing
the people will want to run their own planet;
by taking it back....

you stand on a pedistal
as the ideal of revolution.

if you suceed in the court case;
the people of the world
will know that we can and should
take OUR planet back.

you are our "Neo".

xo's always
to my beloved revolutionary


"Neo" number 2

so niiiiiiiiiiice

dear daryl,

i love your passion, the planet is so important and if you need a photographer, dont hesit, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a real pleasure to word with you and your community.


come on people !

all across the world the population is rising

all across the world the pollution into the atmosphere is rising
all across the world the pollution into the oceans is rising
all across the world the earth that nourishes us is getting sicker each day

all across the world YOU people are refusing to change your lifestyles much if at all
all across the world business activities are making things worse on this planet every day whether it be socially or environmentaly
all across the world the governments are doing very little about anything except for inconsequential words

we will not be able to eat words when it all falls apart

try it, bite a book, and see if man's world of knowledge, the god of facts, can replace the world of nature that has nourished us as a species since our
beginings from the source

untill we; black, yellow, brown, red, white
untill we; hindu, buddhist, jew, christian, muslim
untill we;
all stand and pull together
we stand as a species for a better deal for all;
untill we;
the people
yes YOU
stand together

there will be no future on earth
past the hell
we are making
for us all;
each other

kim joanne


Let´s just take a small break to take a look at this amazing planet we live in.We have strong falls, blue oceans and forests that are giving us our life breath. Let´s just respect the most important source of power; NATURE. We must learn to respect each other and this amazing planet.A reckless life is a path for dammation and prejudice walks hand in hand with violence. Let´s remember that we´re all living things sharing this earth. Life is continuous, no one has the right stop a source of living nor stop a life.


you are wonderfull!!!!



way above your head

way above your head
is the jet stream
circling the earth

from which particles
of dust, pollutents & POLLEN
filters down

all scross the earth's surface

thus GMO pollen from Hawaii
sucked up into the jet stream
will eventually mutate

all life on earth

including your ancestors
yet to be conceived

think on that !!!!

Governments of the World



I live in Mingo County WV where mountain top removel is called a highway project where a coal company gets over 9o million tons of coal free,taxfree and the state pays them over $90 million for what is called the king coal highway and now they want to build a school back there 10 miles from the main highway with nothing else around they would move the school site around so they could get the coal free and now the politicains can use it to get water and sewer back there for there houseing projects and we can't do anything about it when we held elections and voted in new board members the state took us over the Governor put his wife and cousin in the state board the WV attorney general is the attorney for the state board and is married to the asst. state school superintendent our senator from Mingo is the brother in-law of the past state board president and in doing this hurry up school closings here they closed schools before school was out and drilled asbestos with children in the building the four high schools they want to consolidate are good for another 25 years and set with in 4 miles of fire,police and ambulance and this so called highway job has flooded Mingo County twice the last time May 9 2009 we can't take much more and we don't need a DEATH TRAP SCHOOL ON THE MOUNTAIN
Donnie Edwards

A Story: A Letter from Lady Alicia

A Story: A Letter from Lady Alicia (with English-English spellings of some words rather than American-English spellings)

One day, after a long and demanding ordeal, a knight of the 5th century returned from his crusade. However, he did not return to his own time. His services were needed in the 21st century, so after a confusing journey through time and space he arrived at a much changed Avalon. Nevertheless, he knelt and kissed the sweet earth. After some searching he found a letter carved on slate buried deep inside a stone chamber in a long forgotten cave. The letter was from one of the many descending generations of daughters of his sister. It read:

My dearest Uncle Justin,

On return to these fair isles, I fear you may not have received news of the kingdom. You should be aware of certain developments that have taken place in your absence.

The land has been laid waste by chemical giants who spread their miasma without shame. The nuclear dragon poisons the children in the villages near its lair and the sparkling waters, the lifeblood of this green and pleasant land, are filled with the excretions of industrial goblins.

The crystal clear air is oppressive with the noxious wind of strange, rolling, beetle-like imps who have stolen the friendship of the horse from the people. How the horse, deer, oxen, badger and fox are meant to survive this invasion is unclear for the numbers of rolling imps is growing day by day. The horse is now relegated to enclosed fields where he or she stands with grace and elegance, watching the imps that have usurped them pass by.

I pity the poor heron, swan, duck and goose. And the mole, the owl and the little field mice are suffering the effects of pesticides and herbicides; unearthly concoctions designed to destroy the healing herbs and tiny insects that bring diversity to our world. The small animals’ eyes swell and their babies wither and die. And poor hawk’s eggshells are too thin for her to sit on without breaking. The prospects for these little ones are uncertain.

My dear uncle, prepare your heart for anguish. The bear is gone. So is the wolf, the lynx and the wolverine. Eagle is rarely seen. The silvery schools of fish are only half a many as they were, but that is not the worst of it. The poisons leaching into the once clear waters are preventing the male fish from being male. And poor frog, poor dear frog… has developed a frightening shape with sometimes up to 12 spindley legs, even more than a spider.

The beautiful meadows are without the hum of bee or colourful flutter of butterfly. The woodlands and forests are diminishing, sometime replaced by stands of trees, monotonous in their similarity. No longer does the wild boar search for truffles in the woodlands; rarely does the cuckoo claim a nest or does the woodpecker’s hammer resonate in the distance.

The people are drugged with make-believe images of a healthy future prepared for them by teams of liars or they are dispirited by lack of access to the land which has been claimed and cordoned off. They put up little or no resistance. They let these awful conditions remain and act only when their personal disbursements are directly threatened. They find a grandfather smoking a pipe more offensive than a beetle-like imp passing foul, poisonous wind in their faces and in the faces of their babies. Strange, but true.

Alas, they have put their futures into the hands of the dark knights whose allegiance appears to be with the giants, dragons, goblins and imps rather than with the land and the future of their children. The people seem to have forgotten that the land is their soul and clamour for the dark knights’ approval and curry favour and compete for their table scraps.

Siege Perilous awaits! So sharpen your broadsword, you dagger and your wits and come to the round table to await your friends.

May you fare well, my dear uncle, in this strange and unusual time.

From your loving niece, The Lady Alicia


Your Products

I really like some of the products you've displayed on your site. My wife and I have started a company devoted to selling high-end eco-friendly and natural goods. I will be checking back to see what else you carry on your site.

Derrick Packer

Owner - Thorvy, LLC

getting the balance right

John wrote:
Like you I have always had two sides to my nature; the material comfort side and the non material idealistic side; they have - always - been at war with each other.
I have created a web-site based on experiences I have had from which I have concluded i can draw a religion, \\\"Buddho-Darwinism\\\". the rationality of Darwin against religions and the compassion of Buddha against violent selfish application of science. A blend of survival and reincarnation. If you woUld like to read some of it please try
Nick Hales

Observer magazine interview

Just read interview with you in British Observer magazine-Ethical issue-and it was just great!found this website through it-and just want to say I\\\'ve been vegan for 25 years now,and been ecofriendly when it was not fashionable ,I used to get told I couldn\\\'t use my own bag when I bought something from a shop\\\'You have to have one of ours\\\' people are finally waking up and getting with the guy at my local shop knows I bring my own bag and thinks its normal........its not been easy being green all this time,but its certainly been worth it...: ) xx

We ...

Hi Daryl
Everyday we see how disposable we ´ve become, millions of technological waste and consumism getting to awefull proportions, we don´t need half of the things we´re buying , we´re all brainwashed with advertisings and marketing , we kill our natural resourses with big cars and high technology. We almost forgot that all we nedd is on the simple things of life, we can not live our life through a cell phone or a lap top, we have to enjoy all the beautys of this planet and respec life for being respected.

less possetions is more self

Hi daryl

I have been thinking a lot over the time you and your web site have been influencing me.
You do know that you influence people a lot; don't you ?
Like you I have always had two sides to my nature; the material comfort side and the non material idealistic side; they have - always - been at war with each other.
Slowly, over the years, first on my own and now more so influenced by you, I have been evolving my lifestlye.
I am pushing more towards less possetions, more towards going vegan - one day, more towards eating raw easier prepared meals, more towards less involvement with objects, more towards being involved in whatever lifestlye I end up evolving into.
I have never really had a lifestyle goal as such, I just keep stripping away the undesireable stuff, on the vague sometimes imagined path towards wherever I am going.
I am nomadic, not as I need no home, but as I have found no home.
I know that life revolves around; people, places and situations; via communication, and that in all my wanderings that I have not found the solution to those puzzles.
I seek, the more so now, having been influenced by you.
I seek, stripping away the undesireable in my life, as my way of seeking, for what is left within myself, that I will ultimately find.
I have no goal, I have no longer even any expectation, for expectations are never fullfilled, if you change upon the path into someone different, to who you were when you set out.
I seek. I change. I seek some more. I change some more. And thus I evolve, towards becoming, someone, something, that will probably have no use to myself except in the being, and be of no use to humanity, except perhaps in my being a possible future street person.
My life is about soul work. And thus I evolve within myself quite simply for the path of evolvement to happen, rather than for my physical existence to matter at all.
I as a person, have a soul, and it is my soul's evolving that is the issue of my life and my lifetime.
The war within myself will always exist Daryl, just as it will always exist within you, and in the lives of millions of your admirers, but it is a war that my soul is benefiting from, as I walk slowly and strongly away from most of the values that are destroying the planet and the people of the earth.
I thank you very, very, very sincerely for the influences that you have had, and will always have, on my life.


I Am a Horse.

You know me.

We’ve known each other since you were just a child.

Remember the pony rides at the Field Days? Remember Fury? And Flicka? And Silver? And Trigger? And Black Beauty? And me and my brothers and sisters at the Fair? And that little figurine of me that you kept on the shelf in your bedroom?

And do you remember when you got a little older and you came to ride me one day? How scared, but excited, you were when you first climbed up on my back? And how that fear went away when the two of us marched off? I knew you were a little scared. That’s why I took such good care of you. We ended up having a ball that day, didn’t we?

Now you’ve gone and grown up and made a life for yourself. A lot has happened in your life since that day so many years ago. You moved or you got a job or you went to college or you raised a family or a hundred other things. But I know you remember me because I remember you.

I’m still here. And I miss you.

We’ve always had a great relationship, you and I, going back hundreds of generations. Our histories are inextricably tied to each other. And it’s a bond that can’t – or shouldn’t – be broken.

My ancestors carried your ancestors from the big port cities in the east across mountains and plains and grasslands and deserts to places where they all ultimately settled down.

Your ancestors farmed the land and my ancestors pulled their plows and their wagons to market. As a team, your ancestors and mine built big cities. And together, they delivered all the goods and services to the people who made those cities their homes.

Together, our ancestors made this country what it is today. My ancestors were big and strong and worked hard for your ancestors. And, in return, they were well cared-for and fed and housed to the best of your ancestors’ ability.

They worked and lived together in war and in peace. In good times and in bad. Under the blazing sun and in blinding snowstorms. They were happy together, sad together, scared together and triumphant together.

They were brothers and sisters. And neither of them could thrive, let alone survive, without the other.

Maybe that’s why Mother Earth put us together in the first place.

We’re still brothers and sisters. And when a member of a family has a problem, he or she turns to his brothers and sisters for help. And I’m turning to you now for your help.

All across this land, too many of our four-legged brothers and sisters are suffering. Some are starving. Some are in pain. Some don’t have a home. Some are being slaughtered. Too many of us are in jeopardy.

And it pains me to tell you this, but much of this suffering is being caused by our two-legged brothers and sisters.

I don’t know why that is – maybe it’s ignorance; maybe it’s indifference; maybe it’s a loss of the sense of the history we share; and maybe – and I hate to say this – but maybe it’s greed.

You see, too many of us are being born. Too many of us are being forsaken because we’ve gotten old or injured. Too many of us are being ignored or forgotten or dismissed in favor of more material things. The reasons are as varied as the colors in the rainbow.

I just want you to know it’s happening and I’m scared.

And I’m reaching out to you from across the years and across the memories for your help. Don’t worry – I’m not asking you for much. Just a little.

I’m asking you to call your representatives in government and tell them to put and end to our slaughter.

I’m asking you to donate a little every month for food and care for our brothers and sisters who live in sanctuaries and rescues.

I’m asking you who have the wherewithal to refrain from breeding so many of us.

I’m asking you to volunteer your time for us once in a while.

I’m asking you to teach your children about us and give them the opportunity to experience the joy we shared so many years ago.

I’m asking you to treat our lives with the same love and respect with which we’ve always treated yours. The way we’ve always treated each other.

I’m asking you to, once again, be our brothers and our sisters in deed. To be a part of our lives in whatever way you see fit. In whatever way you can.

I’m asking you to make me proud, once again, to say:

I am a horse.

Jim Gath


A society based on "things", "productivity" and "profit" will always be a society that in the end will fail the people and the Earth.

Make up your mind people.

Do you want a world that can be made to last ?

Do you want endless repetitions of what we have now ?

How long do you think it will be untill it all goes "down the gurgler" for good ?


Love and People

Hey Daryl...

One thing that I love about your site is the balance between the political activism and the original idea for humanity... love and people.

When it comes down to it... we, as humanity... have been embedded with the self serving, hatred promoting and life demoting line of thinking and processing which has ultimately landed us in a place of mass confusion and contemplation. We have become a people who KNOW what we should do (and really would like to do), but when it comes down to it, doing the RIGHT thing actually goes against the ways in which we have been taught.

I love that you and all your friends are on a crusade to promote, not only a better way of life, but you promote PEOPLE. People who love people. Because when you come right down to it... that's what this life is all about... LOVING PEOPLE.

Doing our Part

Hi Daryl!!
We live in a great, beautiful amazing planet called earth, but unfotunatly some Human Beings doesn´t know how to live here. They just started to kill each other, to show no respect to nature, to murder other species and now we are all seeing the results of these years of madness. But we still have a chance,a smal flame called awereness!!
Biodiesel, recycle, vegan way of life, and of course repect for this planet.
Thank you very much Daryl for being this amazing and aware human being.The earth says thank you.

Time enough to heal....

Hi Daryl

I was reading about fish stocks world wide and was shocked to learn that the commercial fishing industry will collapse in most countries world wide over the next five to ten years.
How do the politicians think they can replace a few million tons of "missing" food world wide when those fish are all gone ?
There will be millions of jobs lost as the effect spreads out into world economy.
The whole infrastructure employing all those people will collapse.
There will be no other food type to replace all those millions of tons of fish lost.
A great part of the world will have almost no food at all and will be thrown back into third world conditions almost overnight.
Countries will have to go to war to take their neighbours resources just to stay alive.
The problem is of course not that we have to few fish.
The problem is of course that we have to many people.

But the coming world war caused by global warming caused resource shortages will soon lower the earth's overpopulation.

Especially when the coming world war goes nuclear..

Then the earth will have time to heal....


Anti Traditional !

Hi Daryl

I was passing by your blog and thought to have an ad-lib say before I went on my way.

Every country in the world has similiar problems and as all economy traces back to mother nature it means that all country's problems also trace back to mother nature.

There is a general world wide political movement of general world wide panic that is trying to opportunistically take advantage of the general world wide mess by bringing in all sorts of money spinning green financial opportunities most of which use traditional methods to be enacted which will thus make matters worse for the general world wide dysfunction which will thus accelorate the whole world wide mess that we are in.

We need to re-design the running of the whole world.

We need to do it yesterday.

Or better yet; a century ago !

The traditionalists are going to kill us all.

We need to innovate; now.

It is probably too late anyway !


the wurld

Hi daryl

After reading lots of your blog I decided to have a say also.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the main problem on this planet is the rampant disease called "consumersm", although it also has many other names, all of which mean that "life should revolve around buying "things" to own".

Obama, in kick starting the world economy, if, indeed he can, is only going to put us back into the dysfunctional world wide mode of activity, consumerism, which is going to kill us all off as the planet dies, sending the countries of the world into world war, as we war with each other for resources, to enable each of us to stay alive just that little bit longer.

The chance for change is right now, while consumerism is being shown to be the false dream that will always betray the species, should the species be silly enough to keep on following it.

We should take this chance to shift the planet's future into another more wholesome dream, rather than to dream towards more disasters, as all past disappeared civilizations have done.

But we will cling, like we always do, to the safety of the known ways of the past, if only because as a species we are;
lazy, weak and stupid.

We have our chance now, but the people who run the world, men of dreams but of no vision, will cling to their upbringing as it is quite simply all they know.

I could cry from frustration, seeing a better future oh so clearly, that no one but me seems to know exists.

signed - "at parties i sit on the floor behind a couch and read a book, as there is no one to talk to, who has anything to say".

xavier whetherby


hi daryl

i have been reading your blog and thought to add a piece also. here it goes.

world economy all traces back to 3 things.

1/ - resources from the earth.
2/ - labour from the human species.
3/ - money which came from the above 2.

all human productivity on earth is somehow tied to these 3 areas.

the resources from the earth; are tangibles.

the labours from the human species; are tangibles.

the money, which came from the above 2; is intangible;
a fiction; in our collective heads.

the resources of the earth,
the labour from the sweat of our brow,

are together, the 2, enough.

the human race does not need money !!!!

signed --- "yes; i am serious !".


Australian Bushfires --- 09-02-2009

Remember that date.

We have had 130 deaths so far in bushfires here in the State of Victoria in Australia and the number is expected to rise, possibly to 200.

My mum just rang me, 7.30pm this date.
She wanted to know if I might be called up to Volunteer in the wake of the fires.
I tried to explain that we have no such Government or Community organised Social Network here.
Poor Mum, she was bewildered as she has been crying all day over all the dead, many of whom burnt not so far from where she lives.

I tried to explain that we have no such Government or Community organised Social Network here.

I tried to explain that we have no such Government or Community organised Social Network here.

I tried to explain that we have no such Government or Community organised Social Network here.



where is some water ?

hi daryl

i have been reading about water shortages in dry places and have come up with the following solution which should look good enough on paper to be used by the government policy makers.

we should clone water. yup, clone every drop on earth, which will give us twice as much water on earth as we have now.

we could store it in used soft drink bottles and get each voter to store some in their garage to save the government having to pay for storage space out of our tax dollars.

the voters that use their garages for water storage could claim tax deductions for storage room and power.

the voters could also check now and then to see if the water had been stolen by martians which would also give them something else to claim a tax deduction for.

if this project was given a government stamp of green approval it might even be possible for the voters to feel that they were doing their patriotic duty to save the planet earth from going all dry and crusty like week old bread.

i hope that the reader likes this idea of mine.

i have 64 used soft drink bottles that i am going to rent to the government which at 100 million dollars each will enable me to retire as long as i am not stupid enough to invest the money in any projects or companies that the government calls safe.


it's that simple

Hello Daryl.

I have been reading your Blog and decided to add a bit. Mabey if enough people add a bit from the Group Mind that is The Human Race we will collectively as a Community be able to solve all problems on Earth.

Profit comes via Expansion.
Expansion kills Earth & Civilization eventually.
Therefore Expansion must stop.
Therefore Profit must stop.

To survive "WE" MUST find another way of running the planet,
rather than by Economy.



greater meaning

one thing missing on earth these days is the sense of pulling together for survival and the future.
the "primitive natives" ALL had it, the pulling together for group survival and for group present and future existance.
we don't have the social mechanisms these days that they had, to pull them together, so we have no togetherness as countries, races or as a species.
"primitives" were wrapped up, like a present, in the container of their religious beliefs.
it gave them a sense of there being a reason for existance.
they also had a family tree and cultural memory so that they felt located in the present between the past and the future.
they felt like they belonged.
we feel dislocated like each individual is seperately adrift on a sea of pain.
once we ALL felt as if we belonged to something going somewhere.
now we feel as we belong to nothing and have nowhere to go.
we bond to possetions instead of people, to situations instead of people, to the superficial as we have no depth.
our souls cry out in anguish.
we are a people of no spirit.
we are the living dead.
we could, as a species, reach out to "touch the stars", but most would rather touch a movie star instead.


the nature of human nature

hi daryl

i just thought to add a few thoughts about human nature as follows.

humans live in a precarious manner on planet earth.

we get oxygen and water from the atmosphere.

we get some resourses from the oceans.

we live as a species mainly off what comes out of or via the soil.

plant life, animal life, mining products, via human labour, from the soils of the earth, is what allows us to survive as a species.

all productivity, survival, profit, traces back to those areas.

we see nature as non-controlled and thus we as a species quake in fear about how borderline our survival as a species is, given it's dependance on the un-predictability of nature.

thus for survival as a species we need to dominate nature, control nature, order nature, overcome nature, force nature to do our bidding.

we take over nature and force it to our will in 3 ways.

to make us feel secure.
to assure our physical survival.
to give us the buffer in the bank of profit.

the need for these 3 things, feelings of security, actual security from survival, more security from the buffer of profit in the bank, all come from insecurity born of fear.

thus human fear is the reason for the destruction of the planet's environment, for the extinction of species, for global warming.

critics of what i write would attempt to side step what i have written by saying "what choice have we", and in that they would try to move the conversation away from the fear issue.

sure we have to live off nature.

but to destroy our capacity to survive as a species by destroying the environment, and to do so out of fear, is just the type of irrational weakling thinking that is not exactly our best behaviour or potential as a species.

needless to say that those who govern the world, while talking change, have no choice but to go on the "traditional way" in regard to using the environment, as it is quite simply the only way they know of to do things.

in the end, and it is the end we talk of, there will be no real benefits from all the "green talk", as we are to far down the road to ruin to pull ourselves back from the brink of the precipice where we now stand as a species.

fear determines our feelings.
fear determines our attitudes.
fear determines our actions.

these fears must first be overcome before clarity of thinking will be possible in regard to the future of the planet earth and it's inhabitants.

at present all our problems on earth come from fear.

all our solutions on earth, if we are to have any, must come from putting aside fear.

only when the lion and the lamb, the wolf and the rabbit, the raptor and the prey, all lay down together, will there be an end to the problems that plague the planet earth and the human race.

signed --- optomistically hopefull, but not particularly stupid....


another county heard from

People shaving their heads so they use less water and less soap in cleaning themselves is laudable but ultimately a very small dent in the overall problem. We are just using less so others may use more. Until we make all warfare and welfare machines self-suporting it\\\'s all spitting into the wind.
Don Grindell

water from where ?

Hi Daryl

I loved your videos so much that I went through your whole site including all of your blog. Wow ! So I am going to have my say to the world ! Wow !

We can not grow enough food for all the people already on the earth.

We have shortages in growing land.
We have shortages in water supplies.
We have shortages in food supplies.

The population is going up.

"They" say that "we" can use Genetically Modified Crops.
That these will solve our problems.

Larger vegetables, fruits, grains, etc, have higher water content.

Thus growing larger plant products world wide will need extrordinarily massive amounts of extra water.

We are short of water already just growing what we already grow.

When "they" invent these scenarios do "they" ever bother to take the maths right through ?

Water; from where ?



Hi Daryl

I was reading about the mass extinctions taking place and read that one third of the plants on Earth are pollinated by methods like wild birds and wild bees.
As more and more forests are cleared these wild birds and bees will disappear as their loss of habitat kills them off.
It is a downward spiral where plant loss causes bird and bee loss, which causes more plant loss, which causes more bird and bee loss, with the end result being that there will be insufficient plant food grown on earth to keep us alive.
On top of that commercial bees are having illness problems due to insecticides and other chemicals.
If man made bad bee health causes a bee plague world wide then all plant food on Earth would die.
Then with no plant food all animals on earth would die.
With no plant or animal food we would die also.
As I read around extensively I can not even begin to comprehend just how scarey our environmental situation is.
The bulk of the information on the environment is readily and easily available.
It is being left out of the newspapers on purpose.
The governments fantasise they are getting it all under control.
A good wide reading of environmental information will tell you that it is to late already.
I do not lie.
I am not a fool.
LOOK !!!!
Read about it for yourself.

Signed - "Scream it from the Roof Tops!"


use less resources

hi daryl

i was out food shopping and decided to try and shop smarter from now on. i compared the sizes of containers available and after comparing prices i decided that it is lots cheaper to buy in bigger sized containers. needless to say that buying in bulk like that also means buying far less packaging. if the governments of the world pushed for more bulk packaging and more bulk sales there would be an enormous saving in resources most of which would be in less trees cut down. it would also help the global warming as it would contribute to less productivity and more efficient productivity.


what sort of person ?

Hi daryl,

What sort of person would kill a tree just to get paper to wipe their nose or their other body parts ?

I mean that quite seriously !

There are seven and a half billion people on Earth and "99.99999%" of us use murdered trees to wipe those yucky places on our bodies.

Don't get me wrong here !

I am not saying to save the trees by no longer having tissues and toilet paper. I do not think it would be practical to use a handfull of grass or straw instead, although there are a few in business and politics that I could wish that upon.

I just mean that there has (?) to be a "better way", a better invention, than killing trees by the zillion, just so the human race can wipe their yucky parts.


re-use it; pass it on !

i decided to not be a horder.
i went through my home looking for stuff i don't use.
i prioritised !
i grabbed the "not being used ever again stuff ?" and put it by the front door.
i pondered it a few days.
i retrieved one item.
now it all sits in the car to go to the charity shop.

next is the horse riding books i will never ? read again, and the helmet, leggings and dressage whips (to touch not whip with); can i let these things go ? am i likely to ever have a horse ? am i likely to ever ride again ? can some person with less money than me buy these dirt cheap at the charity shop, so that they can afford to ride ?

we buy, we use, we drift away from interests, we hord. what's the point ? when so many people could benefit if we could just give up hording for no reason.

we produce on earth, millions of items each and every day, lots of which end up horded in houses, garages, sheds and businesses.

we could lower productivity on earth, causing less global warming, if we stopped hording things and handed them around to those in greater need who would use the things.

i am on a roll now.

things keep popping into my head. things that i can get rid of.

but do i have the strength ?
but do i have the wisdom ?
but do i have; the compassion ?

to get rid of things, to the charity shop; that i never use anyway at all....


a few home truths

Hello daryl

I have been reading the news about what is happening world wide in regard to the global warming and energy issues and had a few thoughts I thought to pass on here.

1 - most politicians are not well enough educated to understand the issues fully or anywhere near fully.

2 - most politicians are not really believers in global warming or in the need for new types of energy.

3 - most politicians would prefer to stay with traditional knowledge, beliefs and ways, as it is safer for their career to not change.

4 - most politicians are afraid of changing, as if something goes wrong they will be vunerable career wise.

5 - most politicians are being forced to change, to jump on the band wagon of change, due to enonomic and public idealism, panic and pressure.

6 - most politicians see "all this" as a way to further their career by jumping onto the gigantic financial monster, that is now being born world wide, due to the panic in regard to global warming, new energy types, world financial worries and both educated and un-educated voter backlash.

Upon pondering the above I am of course deeply concerned, as follows ---

1 - there is vastly insufficient knowledge world wide at a political level.

2 - the knowledge that exists is fragmented, incomplete and does not allow an understanding by the politicians of the full interconnectedness of all the problems world wide.

3 - the governments are top heavy with politicians and their appointed political advisors, but are very short on people knowledgeable in the necessary areas.

4 - the governments are so very isolated from the necessary knowledge, that they can not see their situation.

6 - the governments have not the mental and emotional capability to see beyond their personal beliefs.

7 - the governments can not see that governments, by the nature of their construction, were the cause of all things going wrong in the first place.

8 - that governments are still structured and are still performing in exactly the same ways that caused the problems in the first place.

9 - that the biggest problem we face world wide is in the way governments are designed and in the way they go about executing their tasks.

In my nomadic life I have worked in around 20 industries and have had at least a 100 jobs.

The one thing that is obvious to me about governments is that their design is not the design of an organization that is meant to get anything done.

The one obvious characteristic about governments is that they are designed to move especially slowly.

The reason they move slowly is that politicians are afraid of getting de-elected if they make a mistake.

What I mean is that politicians in power move slowly to cover themselves from making a mistake, which they accomplish best of all by not doing anything at all.

The fear, combined with the lack of knowledge, combined with insufficient staff from specialised areas, combined with un-educated politicians and their un-educated advisors making decisions, combined with a badly designed government structures; will all together end up killing most of the planet and most of the people on it.

The planet and every living thing on it are going to get deeper and deeper and deeper into trouble.

The present plans to "fix it all world wide" are going to be such an obvious disaster, on such a monumental world wide scale, that I personally believe that it is time to kiss our selves goodbye.

There will be no recovery from what the governments of the world are about to do to us.

Just remember when it all goes wrong; that you voted for it; that it was for your own good; that you surely asked for it; and that in the end you surely deserved it; all....


this ratty world

Good morning Darl.

I just climbed out of bed and after an orange juice and a shake of my head to settle the marbles I turned on my laptop to see what your growing blog had to say. It seems that slowly more and more people are coming to look at the world as the whole issue, rather than just looking at the little issues in their own lives. That it is a zillion global problems, not just a few local problems and that it affects us all as if we were one family, rather than just affecting us as the occasional individual. There are many comments on your blog that are oh so true, but I can not see the governments taking notice of you or us or anyone but themselves. Governments by their very nature do not let the human race get involved in the running of the world. If they let us get involved in the running of the world they know we will end up taking the world away from their inept domination. Thus it is not really about solving the problems that plague the world, but is more about the males in domination of the world staying that way, by avoiding letting the people of the earth have a say. There are seven and a half billion people on this god forsaken planet and there are probably quite literally a few millions of people, of all sexes, of all races and of all religions, who could and who would help to pull this planet and world civilization out of the mess that it is in. The politicians daily make budget decisions that wreck the planet, kill people, or destroy their lives. They have had no care for our planet or our lives so far and they have no real concern for our planet or our lives now. It is more about politicians who prefer to keep things going the traditional way that first of all keeps them in power with the financial benefits that go with that. Traditionally the rich and powerfull just jump ship and move somewhere else when things go bad. It is the way that they always survive. They need not care then what happens to the average person of the earth, for they the rich and powerfull will be living above the rising oceans waters, eating organic foods, surrounded by security guards, police and armed forces, that are paid for by the tax dollars of the people of the earth that they have so callously and ineptly betrayed....

Earl James

to fast to soon

Hi daryl

I am worried about what the politicians are doing especially here in america. Usually governments, for their own pecular reasons, move very slowly, which I suppose is why the world is in such a mess. But now they are going to do the opposite !, and at light speed ! It doesn't take a genius to realise that governments are not very competent. It seems to me that two wrongs don't make a right. One minute the government does nothing too slow, now it wants to do a million things to fast. I'm worried. No one, especially not the governments, ever knows what the fallout will be, or who it will fall out on. The whole thing the government is trying to do is a stew of odds and sodds tied together with rotten string. I voted for the government, as many did, out of hope, and to remove the previous government. I did not vote for or against a man or men, or a woman or women, I voted for the government being run in a better, saner, more organised, more safer way. We all know what america's recent past was like politically and economically, but do we feel or think confidently about the future we are about to have ? Some governments don't try at all, some governments try to hard. In the end there has to be fallout from what the government is about to do and in that I am worried and scared, about who the fallout will fall on. If my ceiling is about to fall in I can move but I can't move away from the fallout the government is about to cause.


we dream

The average human being has enough imagination to dream of some type of a better future for themself. This dream of a better future, that each individual dreams of, is what pulls the individual forward towards the future that they have dreamed of. Who of us does not have dreams of a better future? Who of us does not have the dream inside their head and heart dragging them towards that future. Sure some of us fail, going towards the dream, but never reaching the dream, as if only as life and luck are like that. Needless to say that others have the opposite and that being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, that all their dreams come true each and every day ,that their money and luck let them live longer lives than those not so fortunately blessed.

Yes, we are a species who dream, and as cavemen lived in caves and dreamed no further for themselves, so we alive now dream dreams that not only touch the sky, but touch the moon and the stars as well.

But we dream, each of us, alone, or mabey in a small group called a family, or a business, or a political party, or a charity, almost all of which, in some ways at least, are self serving in ideals, leaving out the well being of most if not all of the planet and the human race.

These seperate self serving dreams work at odds with each other, in that they are not interconnected into one larger dream, that serves all of the planet and all of the human race in a manner that is quite genuinly positive.

We as a species need ONE DREAM, that in its interconnectedness will encompass not only every person on earth, but the totality of the planet's environment as well.

We need a species dream, just to survive. And untill we have a species dream, that encompasses all of the earth, and all of the human race, we will continue to follow the individual dreams inside our individual little heads, in the ways we have always done; in the ways that will destroy us all.


commando plants trees

Hi daryl. Great videos. Great blog. Great site. I was working in the exhibition industry many years ago and learnt something interesting that I thought to share here. I was working with a foreman who used a commando technique of getting the same job done as other formen in the company did using their totally different styles. His command technique was quite simply to say to me - go "there" and get "that" material and then go "there" and do "that" job and then come back "here" and we will do it yet again but differently. He was very specific, in his understanding of both overview and individual tasks and of exactly how the production process could be best made to work. Every now and then, after I had done a few commando attacks, he would send me out for a coffee and a smoke. He understood people and fairness as well. I realised in the end that the owner of the company need do nothing at all, as his staff were all so well trained. On the larger level I realised that a country could be run that way. And then I pondered the running of the world. A man who has his company designed well is a man who has nothing to do all day. Not quite possible I know; but still an ideal to head towards.


do we really believe ?

all across the world
each and every day
in hundreds of countries
use energy in productivity
in ways that cause
the destruction of forests
the poisoning of oceans
the warming of the globe
and the greater problem
of creating the wealth necessary
for people to go on breeding
millions and millions more people
each and every year.

do we really believe
that the momentum
of this giant snowball
can be stopped
before it splatters;

at the bottom of the hill ?


the running of

In regard to the american government's attempts to fix things i have the followng comment.
Running a country or the world should be like running a business.
Orders are given and things are done.
That simple.
Governments, as they do not know what to do, can give no orders, so nothing gets done.
If we want results then we need the right people, people who know, people who can give orders, people who can get things done.
Its really that simple.
Re-structure the whole country, as if it was one business.
Then run it as one business.
Talk is for people who can not do.
Doing, is how sucess is acheived, in the running of;

A business, a country, the world;
it's all the same thing....


all messed up

Hi daryl. I have been reading your blog and thought that I would have a say too. I have a farm and am improving it towards the day when I live there for good. It's my baby, my love and my future desire. I just love the earth, nature and being involved in it all. I am putting in an undergroung water tank. We are going to use a machine to dig a big hole and then we are going to build the tank itself out of re-cycled bricks three layers thick, interwoven and rendered inside. The tank will be positioned to take water from the roofs but will still be high enough to gravity feed the house and garden. I haven't decided on a size for the tank yet, just that we are going to make it a monster. I will also research around more before deciding on the final construction. I don't really like concrete, plastic or steel, which is mainly what is available. The weather is changing. Some places will get more water. Some places will get no water. Some places will get fluctuations. Un-reliability will be the theme. Floods, droughts, more snow, less snow, you name the possibility and it will happen somewhere to someone. I want to be self sufficient one day. In a world where much of the food chain could fail in the future it will be hard enough just keep my hands on the food I grow and perhaps even harder to grow it in the first place. I hope all farmers read this. We are heading into scarey times and a scarey future. In the end the governments will not be able to help us when the weather changes on us. They can make all the laws they like and talk all they like but weather temperature, days of sunlight, rainfall, snowfall, frosts and bugs running rampant due to changing conditions, is not something that the governments can do much if anything about. It is all out of control now and has all grown so big in effects that it is every man for himself just like it was before governments messed it all up world wide. Good luck all. We are sure going to need it.

Horace Tumble

go gardening go !

i was going to plant an organic vegie garden but i never have time. i have been going to do it for the last 2 years ! tomorrow i am going to buy seedlings and just stick them in the ground where they will get the sun. forget the formal garden, it will never happen. just buy seedlings and stick them in. sort out bug control next week ! a world full of back and front yards full of cheaper food; yeh !!!!


river of life

here i am
rowing my little boat
down the river.
i have to row down river
as the current is too strong
to row up river.
the current down river is swift
thus i have little say
in where i go
having only a bit
of forward directional control.
in front of me
way ahead yet
i see
a waterfall.
i can not go back.
i can not get out of the river.
the river is flowing faster
all the time.
i look for a fork in the river.
a branch in the river
that will take me;
any way at all
any way at all !
i don't really care
which way i go
just that i don't go;
over the waterfall !!!!

we are waiting....

hi daryl

i am just writing to say how much it impresses me that a movie star has interests other than gazing in a self loving manner at her own reflection in the mirror. you, some other stars, some super powerfully rich people, some politicians, some scientists, some religious people and others are slowly becoming a major and powerfull force in the world for change. i know it is all happening slowly and that it has yet to flower into the movement of the masses that will change the earth, but i hope that you and the others understand that very many of us, the people, are here waiting for the day when it all comes together so we can each do our part. thankyou from us, the people of the planet earth. infinite xo's from us all.


community participation

Hi Daryl

Twas looking through your site and thought to write about "community" in a way that is non-conventional, which is just what I figure we need !

Our children are sent to school for a number of reasons. Among these reasons are --- to be conditioned; to believe what they are told, to do what they are told, to have no real thinking capacity, to have no real individuality in life's needs, wants, aims and desires, to earn taxes for the governments, to earn profits for the employers, but mainly to blindly follow the path and way of life that is the capitalism that is destroying the planet's environment, human's civilization, and of course, the world's economy.

All past civilizations, all of which are now gone, had the same problems as us. They handled their problems in the same traditional capitalistic ways as us. We are doing things exactly the same way as they did. We are making exactly the same mistakes as they did. Like them we will soon disappear. All students of cultural anthropology and history; know this as a fact. Politicians, mostly uneducated, do not.

The only key that has ever existed for any past civilization to survive, or for our civilization to survive; is the children. The children are the only key, to the only door, to a future where survival is a certainty (?), rather than a politicians self serving re-election fantasy.

The children; and a new type of educational system, teaching a new type of planetry lifestyle, for a more common sense future, for all life on earth.



Hi Daryl

I saw you talking, in front of lots of dolphins, about the film you narrated. I was extremely touched by your genuine sensitivity, but the more so by your awe at the wonder of all of nature. Most adults consider it grown up to grow out of that type of perception, but you have opened my eyes to the profound truth, that people who have no awe of nature are not matured but de-sensitised instead. You open my eyes, give me re-vitalised humanity and make me see exactly who I no longer wish to be. The following, in thanks, is my humble contribution to your blog.

All across the world literally millions of acres of trees are being cut down yearly.
This is not fiction; it is hard cold fact.
The number of trees planted world wide, for various reasons, by governments and various private organisations, are far less in number than the number of trees being cut down.
Thus the plans by governments, to defeat global warming, are the usually inept plans of the usually inept governments.
They do not seem to have the smarts that a dumb dog would have.
A dog that lifts its leg over an electric fence at least learns.
The politicians, all through the problems thay have caused, have learned; nothing.

Trees of course are only one of the issues on the planet. The politicians are handling all other problem areas on the planet just the same. Ineptly.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that they can not even see the big picture much less understand it.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that ALL problem areas world wide will continue to get worse, untill human civilization just falls apart into anarchy under the weight and dysfunction of it all.

I am not old enough to die of old age before this happens.
And that sincerely worries me !
I do not want to be here for the future that is coming our way.

Why can't we use the educational system world wide to plant trees ?
Just have one day a week world wide, where 27,000,000 (odd) students world wide plant 4 small trees each.
If we did that for a decade it sure would help a lot.

signed - "concerned and worried".


tips to begin again

Hi daryl

I have decided to re-style my lifestyle in keeping with the slowing world economy. I would like to pretend that I am doing this out of social responsibility, but I am really doing it out of maximum fear. Either way though it will be a smart move so I thought to pass it on to your readers, as follows.

It's quite simple really. As my stocks of cleaners, sprays, foods, toiletries, etc, etc, etc, run down or out, I am quite simply going to buy n-u-t-h-i-n-g, N_U_T_H_I_N_G, to replace them. A great deal of what I buy that is a "consumable" is usually something that is rarely used if ever used at all.

From now on I am going to operate on the skinflint notion that I will quite simply not buy anything unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.
I know that in lots of instances I can just do without something, substitute something else, or ignore the pedantic little issue all together.

I am presently letting all my food stocks run down simply by eating them. Most of it has being sitting there as emergency supplies that were never eaten anyway. I will not rebuy them but instead I will keep the cash as a reserve instead.

I am going to simplify my diet again too, to eat more fresh, natural, cheaper, with leftovers.

Today I fixed the car. This was expensive. This was done properely.

But when the 12 different bottles of cleaners and sprays run out they will be replaced with ONE generic something that cleans and one generic spray that smells nice.

This year is going to be a year of high un-employment world wide.
This year I am going to re-invent the word "stingy" untill it is on a pedistal so high it will reach the sky.

Buying less I will work against global warming, work against poisoning the oceans, simplify and cheapen my life and finances, feel a bit more secure and pehaps after all have just a bit more self respect and common sense than I had; yesterday....


a few parts

hi daryl

luv yer blog.
just thought i would also add to what you have on your site.
mine is a story of a few parts as follows.

i was wandering a beach, naked.
i looked above the beach and saw a forest.
i walked up into the forest.
i saw the trees, the brush, the lighting effects; i smelt the mulsh.
i lay down, naked, and rubbed handfulls of mulsh all over my naked body, and i mean, all, over my body.
my seperateness from nature disappeared, as my white body disappeared, and my body came to smell like nature.
i became nature.
human nature, yes, but nature nevertheless....

back before the environmental expolitation done by even the american indians with their capitalistic fishing and forest rights, there was a level of society, perhaps more hypothetical than real, where people lived in animal skins, in brush huts, eating raw food with their fingers, where no one felt seperate from nature....

we, the present people of the earth see ourselves as seperate from nature, thus when we poison nature we can not see it affecting us at all.
how can hurting nature, hurt us, when we are seperate from the nature that we hurt....

"primitive man", not my definition, knew without even seeing results, that if they hurt nature, then they hurt themselves.
they knew of course, that it could be no other way.

this of course is called "wisdom".
or WAS called wisdom anyway....

management plan

Hello Daryl

I thought that I would add to what others have written and to that end I will add my say in regard to the issues that face the world.

All the previous talk about religion, science, politics, business, government, law, frogs and rabbits is all very fine, but our situation on earth goes way beyond the facts of why we are where we are as a species now and of why and how we got here.

I speak of the future of course, for what else can there be if the past is past and the present will tomorrow also be in the past.
There is only the future to consider.

There seems to be a mental delusion on earth that plans we make today will fix the problems that exist and that this will all be done so well that in 20 years there will be no more problems on earth, only the day to day logistics of running the world to deal with.

The human race, especially the governments, seem to be mentally incapable of understanding, comprehending, that each and every day we move forward in time the planet's environment and human's civlization will fall more into decay, untill like in many historic pasts, it all falls apart and we are no more.

The governments keep making small decisions that in no way seriously understand or address the global issues on a global scale.

They chip away with a screwdriver when they need an axe.

What we need is a world government that is something more than a collection of warped humour in its effects.

What we need is a World Management Plan that looks forward into the future and manages the planet for the next 1000 odd years which is the minimum time it will take to just get a stable environment and society on earth.

A World Management Plan organised and run by a REAL (!) World Government, using the infrastructures of; federal government world wide, state governments world wide, local councils world wide, and especially of community decisions and participation world wide.

Please note here that I leave out of direct decision making in the running of the world the following areas; religion, science and business.

That the military infrastructures and the police infrastructures world wide would of course be in their traditional places, with no direct decision making in the running of the world.

Needless to say that the planet's environment and human's society at the level of the life of the individual is what the World Management Plan would be all about.

This of course means that what I suggest is to put the world's environment and peoples first on earth, before the priorities of religions, science and business.

That life on earth be of a longer term view, where protection of the world's environment and the well being of every individual on earth be the priority of the governments and the peoples of the earth.

Small thinkers gain small results.

Shoot for the moon and if you fail you will probably still make orbit around the earth.

Shoot small and all you will probably accomplish will be to shoot yourself in the foot.

Shoot for the stars; and if you fail;

you will still touch the sky....

government !

hi daryl.

i was reading your blog and after a few worrysome days pondering i have decided to write the following even though i am not pleased to do so.
reality intrudes it's ugly head and snapping jaws into our earthly lives so i write the following out of social necessity rather than desire and out of facts rather than a liking for what i will now write.

anyone who is genuinly informed on the melting at the polar caps, the state of health of the oceans of the world, the population explosion, the necessity to increase western type productivity to feed all people on earth and supply them with employment, the increase of literally thousands of other environmental problems, etc, etc, etc ad frightening infinitum, will understand that we are in the advanced and last stages of a collapsing world civilization that can ultimately only end in nuclear confrontation mainly due to environmental effects on world economy and that a nuclear war will take place well before the environment's final collapse.

what we need is a world government with well informed mentally competent people, with a jaw full of teeth of news laws backed by power to impliment those laws.
a kick arse world government that will quite simply bulldoze through new laws as necessary and that will use whatever power necessary to implement those new laws.
a new type of government, a new world order in fact, that will reshape the entire world civilization in a way that "fixes things up" starting with facts, beliefs and actions, asap, in regard to the dire environmental consequences that now face us world wide.

needless to say that i am suggesting a bringing into being, via the human race's voter's choice, the governmental type that all intelligent and well informed people have long feared would one day exist.
that what i am talking about here, nay, that what i am suggeting here, is a new type of world government that would have a capacity to make and use laws with a level of authority and power that only genghis khan, adolph hitler and joseph stalin have had in the past.

we have reached a point in the insanity of human history where our inability "to get it TOGETHER" world wide is going to strangle us, as a lack of informed people unable to get on together stick to the traditional methods of thinking, economy and society that got us into this mess in the first place.

we need a radically new way of doing things; fast.
we need a radically new type of world government; fast.
we need strong informed voters world wide behind and with all that; fast.

we need to change the world now; fast.

tom teacher

the raft

the nations of the world
especially the major nations
need to understand
that interconnectedness
is not a greenie fallacy

unless all nations of the world
to be a raft
on the wind swept sea of life
then there will be no life

nations that are short of food
must be supplied by other nations
with that philosophy
called sharing
applying to and between
us all

nations of the earth
need to understand
that we are all
one interconnected family
or "we" will no longer exist
at all
in any way, shape, or form,
that we care to think about


Hi daryl
I decided to have a say about children as everyone seems to leave them out of the equation of the future.
I have decided that the reason that children are left out of business and political reasoning is that they just do not count.
They pay no taxes and earn no profits for anyone, so who has a reason to care for them except their parents?
It is all about "the mechanics of things" rather than about "life, love and beauty" and other things that earn no profit for anyone.
The latest news is that in around twenty years we will have around nine thousand million people on Earth.
We can not feed all the people on Earth that exist already.
We can never grow food for nine billion people, not even if we knock all the trees down for growing land and plant it all with genetically modified crops.
Needless to say that the global warming will accelorate to maximum with that many people pumping rubbish into the atmosphere, from the increased productivity necessary to keep nine billion people employed.
It does not take a genius to see that it will all fold within the next twenty years.
Floods, famines, wars, financial collapses, resourse shortages, food shortages, water shortages, etc, etc, etc and more.
I would dearly love more than anything, to have children with my husband, but we have talked it over and have decided that it would be a selfish thing to do, to bring children into this collapsing world.
No one seems to consider the children Daryl which pretty well shows exactly what sort of world the adults have built.
The adults are mostly caught up in their own personal dreams of what is right, for them, to do.
They fail to realise that this world was built while they were children, by the decisions of people like their own parents, just as they now build the world of the future for their own children, by their decisions now as parents.
The future is a collective dream of adults, who fantasise that there can be any other future than the horror the children will face.
What sort of people are the adults of the world that WE will stand by and let that happen????

jackie thompson

to Jerry; about the Law

This following Truth is not to be taken literally; but it is the Truth never the less.

Once a long time ago "we" the Children of the Earth's or of God's longing for Life, lived on this planet at a tribal, extended family and community level.

Some times were good, especially if we lived in Hawaii before it became forcibly "civilized".
Some times were bad, especially if we lived near Lake Turkana, at amost any time in history.

But the Earth was ours then; owned by "we" the Children of the Earth.

We had Customs, Beliefs, unwritten, spoken, ways of living, ironclad rules, passed down through the ages by tradition, from the wisdom from our elders from Life's living.

We were Warriors then, and no-one messed with us; although occasionally we messed with each other !

(Children, after all, will be Children).

But regardless of the drivel that has been written about our pagan past, one thing is true; that as societies, we ruled ourselves.

Then came the invaders.

By force of the weapon of mass destruction called Death, they stripped us of; our Lands, our Resources, our Food Supply, our Employment, our Culture, our Religion, our Family Structure, and our Weapons and Warrior upbringings, which "we" in our delusions had thought would protect all that "we" were.

The invaders wrote, on a flimsy thing they called paper, a thing they called "LAW".

And these words, called "LAW", said that not only was all they had done to us in their savagery "ok", but that it was also required of them, to have done it to us for our own good !

Thus down through the ages has all peoples of all lands and all races been stripped, of the bounty given to the Children of the Earth, by that thing called Nature or by that thing called God.

Now Nature almost never exists, to be replaced by a new way called Environmental Desecration, which LAW says is good for us all, as it is the way of a thing called PROFIT.

Now God almost never exists, to be replaced by a new way called Lack of Morality, which LAW says is good for us all, as it is the way of a thing called PROFIT.

Thus LAW and PROFIT now rule the Earth.

LAW talks to PROFIT.
PROFIT talks to LAW.

And from their "talking" all sorts of strange children are born from their un-natural acts together, to walk and stalk the Earth's Children in their ongoing desperation of situations.

But LAW and PROFIT know only the language of fornication and abomination and thus have not the ears that can understand Truth and thus they do not see and can not tell that when the Earth is sufficiently dead; that both LAW and PROFIT will die, right along with the rest of us.

LAW strips the Environment; that gives the Human Race life.

LAW strips Humans of their dignity; like a sick man bashes his wife.

LAW is a sickness of the soul; a belief believed by those who can not think.

LAW is an abomination, a tool of evil; that will be the death of us all...

Once, long ago, at a COMMMUNITY LEVEL, "WE", The People, of ALL countries, of ALL races, RAN THE EARTH, as we do now in making the EARTH run each day by the employment we pursue.

Once long ago; "WE" had the wisdom; and the strength in BONDING TOGETHER; to be the ones in charge !!!!

about the Law; part 2

Further to; "The LAW".

The "Rule Of LAW"
as it is known and often spoken of
by Politicians
is where The Human Species
is "Ruled OVER";
with the emphasis on the word;
"OVER" !

(They call this "Democracy";
many call it "Foul Humour").

"Those who RULE OVER US"
have all but destroyed
the Environment
the Economy Of The World
as they quite simply
are not only incompetent
but also do not care;

all which they control, "the doing of";
by the LAW.

(putrid be thy name)
is composed of Beliefs
which Historically
(hysterically !)
come from 4 areas
of Traditional
and newer Beliefs.

These 4 areas are;


Thus these 4 areas of "thought"
are focussed into LAW
to create LAW
as the instrument
which creates
"society" on Earth
all good and bad on Earth.

But there is another side here
as it is not all
"zeig heil"
jack boots
faces to the wall
say your last words;
(spelled "democracy").

When we were Hunter Gatherer Nomads
or living in other more settled conditions
millenium ago
we had some major problems !.

Even before rising Earth's population
pressurised things
we had droughts, famines, floods,
war, violence, thuggery,
rape, pillage, enforced subservience and slavery.

There were differences
within the tribe
and between tribes
besides that above mentioned
that made life at times quiet

In some places
life was "cool".
In other places
life was a "not cool";
it was a horror.

The one thing thing that the Human Race
has always lacked
is a mechanism of planetry overview
as a way and means of bringing
balance, equality, fairness; ETC !
to us ALL;
The People Of The Earth.

In theory this is Law's purpose !!!!

LAW is really only MORALLY valid
if it is FOR us ALL
rather than AGAINST us ALL;
as it is now....



Hi Daryl.

I was looking at your site and thought I would add a perspective I had that others might like to read.

I was looking at a poster of a native tribesman from New Guinea.
The tribesman was dressed in his primitive tribesman clothes including head gear and covered in a white ash type substance.
He held a spear and I have no doubt, given his age of around 40, that he had used it and not just to spear fish.
He had good posture and obvious self confidence in who and what he was as a member of his tribe, his country and of this world.
But it was his eyes that got me Daryl.
His eyes.
I looked into the eyes of this man and I saw that he was looking back at me.
Just as he was looking at the photographer who took the picture.
I did not see a "primitive" looking at me Daryl.
I saw a man looking at me.
A person, a male, a man, a human, not a "primitive" was looking back at me.
In his eyes was an analytical look as he summed me up, just as in my eyes was an analytical look as I summed him up.

The embarrassment is that I was the one of us that was so surprised; that the other was a human being....

Tom Benson

\\\"our\\\" kids

first of all i just want to say you are an amazing woman. but i must say im very dissapointed you dont have anything about the thousands of children being bought and sold for sex. if i remember correctly i\\\'ve seen you on tv helping women and children in this positon. if it wasnt you please forgive me. but i do feel very strongly about these children. i have sent letters to my local news paper,posted things on my myspace bulletins. but that is a very small percentage of people that im reaching. i was actually hoping to come to ur page to find a website or something that i could direct people to who do want to help. so if you do know where i could go to get help for these children, i and these children would be very grateful to know!! thank you for your time!

A Gift

Old Age, I decided, is a gift.
I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I sometime despair over my body, the wrinkles, the baggy eyes, and the beer belly. And often I am taken aback by that old person that lives in my mirror (who looks like my father!), but I don't agonize over those things for long.

I would never trade my amazing friends, my wonderful life, my loving family for less gray hair or a flatter belly. As I've aged, I've become more kind to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend.

I don't chide myself for eating that extra cookie, or for not making my bed, or for buying that Yellow Submarine lunch pale( in MY case!) that I didn't need, but looks so cool on the shelf... I am entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be extravagant.

I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.

Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4 AM and sleep until noon?

I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60 & 70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love ... I will.

I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set. They, too, will get old.

I know I am sometimes forgetful But there again, some of life is just as well forgotten. And I eventually remember the important things.

Sure, over the years my heart has been broken. How can your heart not break when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what give us strength and understanding and compassion. A heart never broken is pristine and sterile and will never know the joy of being imperfect.

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turning gray, and to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on my face. So many have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair could turn silver

As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what other people think. I don't question myself anymore. I've even earned the right to be wrong.

So, to answer your question, I like being old. It has set me free. I like the person I have become . I am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be. And I shall eat dessert every single day. (If I feel like it)


YOUR (new) FRIENDs in Simi Valley California,
Carrie & Greg
Greg Feo

a touch of truth

on this planet
supposedly "our" earth
thus "owned" by "us"; the human species
is controlled/decided
by LAW

thus nature
created by millions of years
of nature
or by GOD
by "man(kind)s"
of self serving self gratification
called LAW

not understanding the difference
between right and wrong
presumes that
"power over"
"to dictate to"
"to control"

the planet's environment
the trees
the whales
the butterflys;
the people,
have no RIGHTS
except that which

a tree has no right
of continuity
down through the ages
through its children
unhindered by man(kind)
unless LAW
says to not cut it down

decides the trees existance
the tree's
family tree
from millions of years
of existance
can only live on
if LAW decides

LAW is to stupid to realise
that LAW
like the tree
like us people
is part of nature
not apart
not above

if LAW decides to level
mountain chains
it has the right
of power

if LAW decides to kill
all whales
it has the right
of power

if LAW decides to extinct
all humans
in environmental catastrophy
it has the right
of power

untill LAW
it has NO "rights"
to power
the issues
of right vs wrong
will never be addressed.
jerry myers

solar, wind, geothermal for schools

Hi Daryl

I love your site. I thought I'd mention a school is being built in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, called the Dr. David Suzuki Public school that has to be one of the most environmentally responsible buildings around. I think we should put up the green infrastructure such as solar panels and wind turbines at school sites to save the planet and save schools money in the long run too. It can be done now and create those green jobs that are needed now.

what about your house?

Great work. What first caught my interest in you was your own home that was featured in organic living magazine. Why have you not used this on your blog? I love green building but all the houses usually featured are just too modern. Can you please do a video showing how you yourself have a green but hip-looking home?
Deborah James

Infrastructure to solve world problems?

Hello Daryl. I was reading your superb blog and decided to send in a few words from here in England to add to those already spoken.

On the question of Solving World Problems I have the following words -

On Earth there are three Infrastructures that interact with the Human Race, that are capable of being re-designed to run more complexly and more efficiently, in interaction with the Human Race.

These Infrastructures are the Military, Politics from a Local up to a Federal level and Business in that the Businesses of the World, whether small or large, are interconnected already in the day to day running of the world.

Needless to say that these three mentioned Infrastructures are why the world has its problems!, as well as being the potential to solve the world's problems.

It has long been recognised that "Central Government" is not the most efficient way to run a country.

Central Government is only better to run a country in two areas.

In War and in Disaster Central Government has the means to rationalise, decide, organise, act; faster than, ie, a country run at a Community level.

In any other time than War or Disaster a country can be run far more sucessfully at a Community level; this is known fact.

But another fact is that Central Covernments, like Law, came into being by the quaint "civilized" method; of the Sword, the Spear, the Gun; and most of all; by Blood.

Central Government, the method where Humans have no real say over their own Planet or Racial Destiny; is here to say; Blood says so!

"We" "The People"; "I HAVE A DREAM" the people; could; nay WOULD; run this Planet Earth far more efficiently, sucessfully, lovingly, than any number of semi-detached impersonal do-gooders, for all their alleged good thoughts, words, and attempted deeds.

"WE HAVE A DREAM" is not just the words of men dead or alive; it is the Racial Right of the Human Species on our own Planet.

"I have a dream"; "You have a dream"; must become; "WE HAVE A DREAM"; or there will be no Planet Earth and no Human Race in existence; at all.

Signed, with thanks for listening -

Jerimy Horton Cottonworth
Jerimy Cottonworth

To defend the Human Kind

Dear Daryl,
excuse the translation (I'm from Italy, Torino): here is our Manifesto. I'd like you come and see at this address:
Every comment,proposal and collaboration is good.

Human Syndicate Manifesto
The Human Kind risks the extinction. From a side the Planet, because of the pollution, could
become off limits for life; from the other side it is the same essence of the human ones to have put
in discussion from the social and cultural transformations imposed by the capitalistic civilization.
The insane increase of production and consumption creates the desert both outside and inside the
human being. Destruction of the Environment and dehumanisation proceed of equal footstep, fed by
the thirst of Power and Profit.
Even if hateful differences remain between North and South, between nation and nation, among
man and man in the same Country, it doesn't treat alone than a struggle among the social classes.
After all, Capitalism, dictatorial Communism and the ideology of the Third World shared the same
insane project: the Development, the Growth, the carcinogenic proliferation of production and
By now the true difference it is among who works for the Power and all the others. Then the
moment has come to recognize us in the only one, irreducible, human class.
Human Syndicate just proposes to defend the Kind from the risk of extinction, promoting the
culture humanist in a libertarian optics.
Our enemies are the Power and the Profit. Our secret weapon is the not-collaboration.
The system goes on thanks to the collaboration, more or less aware, of all of its elements. For this
democracy is more effective than the dictatorship to maintain the control without danger of revolts.
When the electors won't vote, when the bitches won't sell them, when the human ones won't accept
to sell for a fist of dollars or for a crumb of power, when the spectators will destroy the Show... then
it will be the Power to have to resort to the terror. Because terrorism is the last desperate weapon of
the Power.
Human Syndicate founds him on the concepts of personal responsibility and self-determination, it
distributes neither positions nor funds, it doesn't require cards neither oaths. Whoever still feels
himself like a human may affiliate. The only requisite is a minimum of logical and moral
coherence (soldiers, cops, petty politician of work, mafia/style and rapists are begged to abstain).
Luigi Betrone
Via Borgomanero 20
10145 Torino
Luigi Betrone

from Buenos Aires.

Dear Daryl: from Buenos Aires, Argentina I send you my greetings and I recommend my friends 2 sites: Rainforest Action Network, from Randy H and yours. Yours is fun, cool and creative... apart from educational. There are some issues like fueloil that I am not sure but the rest is excellent.
I would like to say some things about my country: I love it. But...
1-we have a terrible adcition to meat. Hate it.
2-Also there are hunting lodges. I tried to convert them into reservations but.. no luck at all.
3- About civic education: bad. We can`t recycle. There are companies that are in charge of industrial recycle but not individually.
4-We are the first Country winners in Polo games. I should be proud but... I prefer to see animals free... or not forced.. Polo can be very snob, but the true is that is agressive and if the horse get`s hit, might have to be sacrified.
5-Our animal species are disapearing so fast... Big extentions of land are being bought and deforested Nobody seems to care. Investors are mainly from abroad, europeans, northamericans, etc... due to the money exchange rate in favour to them... but the ones that are developers èven coming from Belgium from instance, they create big hotels and lodges but don`t bring alternative energy. They buy for cents, sell for millions and they don`t even at least bring renewal system pannels, eolic energy (we have in Patagonia the stongest winds in the world, but these developers don`t use eolic energy at all, our coasts have incredible increasing and decreasing levels in the ocean, that could be used with motors to creat energy power. But....
6- We are being sold old car tech at the price of an electrical car probably...
7-Pollution in the city and water is always left behind by the gov. They promise but do nothing.
7-The stress that creates this lack of civic education is really bad.Violence is increasing... My aunt for instance has been a yoga professor for 40 years. She has been to Sarvodaya center many times in Sri Lanka among other places... all my family are mainly hinduist catholic. My only family left: mother and aunt are extremelly ill. My mother just left the hospital but my aunt is in intensive care in a comma with a strange sickness, cerebral multiple sclerosis only a miracle could save her.She was planning a trip to India next January... We lived an environmental life always... but like the aborigins... we are not rewarded... probably punished...who knows the reason. I know how is to live in California. And also here. So different.Both nice though... But Hypocrasy all over.... Anyway. I have still hope for the future. Best regards, Mara.


power supplies of the future ?

Hey Daryl. I watched your videos and read your blog and thought to have my say for what it's worth.
I have been reading lots of stuff for awhile now, about the types of "alternate" power supplies available.
It's pretty easy to see that the money, resources and trained labour are not available to turn the world, or even a small part of it, over to solar power.
Thus it's easy to see that the major power companies are the ones who are going to be supplying the world with power for quite awhile yet.
There are options in the ways they generate power ---
coal fired, oil fired, nuclear, ocean currents, wind farms and probably some that I don't even know of.
Coal, oil, nuclear; we will not talk of ! Nuclear especially; as just whose tax dollars is going to look after the toxic waste for --- one quarter of a million years ?!
The way to go has to thus be --- ocean currents and wind farms.
There are two main factors that cause upset here.
The ascetics/beauty issue and the cost issue.
Wind farms are I presume cheaper than generators cabled to the ocean floors.
But wind farms need to be further from cities due to the public reaction to the ugliness factors, which raises cable cost enormously.
It would seem to me that ocean current generated power would be cheaper for ocean side cities, as the power lines would be shorter.
And that wind farms would better for cities inland, where it was too far from the ocean for there to be any other option.
I hear no real talk and read not much at all on ocean current generated power. Is anybody out there taking notice on this side of the issue ? It's potential for investment, job creation, economic strength, profit, is mind boggling, if looked at on a country wide or world wide level.
Wind farms like wise. They are just starting to move, but since so many places on earth have no better option, is is really an enormous option world wide to get moving.
Anyway, for what it's worth that's my say. I dont know much on the issue really, but just thought to pass on what I know to your blog readers. xo from len.

thankyou daryl !

I have been showing your videos to my children, to try to get them to understand a bit about what is happening in the world. They loved them all and especially the one about the Island School. It is important to try and change people's beliefs and you have helped change my children's beliefs which I appreciate very much. Thanks for that. xo from jennnifa.

material society

each day millions of possetions, from shops and businesses around the world, as well as other produce, like food, oil, steel, etc ad infinitum, is sold world wide into the lives of the 7 billions of people on earth.
this of course IS the world economy. which is all produced one way or the other by fuel types that cause global warming.
to slow down, stop, REVERSE global warming the lifestyles of most of the 7 billion people on earth would have to be changed.
the people of the earth would have to embrace a non materialistic future, for a few hundred years minimum, and probably for around a thousand years, so as to give the earth time to heal.
this is necessary for the planet's and the human race's survival.
this will not happen voluntarily.
this will not happen by "traditional" government.
this will not happen; at all.
end; of humanity's story....


hey what ?

Hi daryl,

as a student of anthropology
I offer the following point of view.

An anthropological overview of human psychology at a sociological level, could give rise to the belief, perhaps would give rise to the belief, that the proof of evolution lies not in genetics, but in the behaviour of a species that is so blind to its coming extinction, that it is surely not naive to suppose, that we are de-evolved from monkeys, any one of which has surely to be smarter than any of; us....

further 'to cop this lot' below

"ordered spontinaity within predefined boundaries" needs better explaining so as to make the point better.

a tree branch grows out. if it grows out too far or becomes to large, then it will snap off under its own weight. there are engineering factors at play here; the design of where the branch joins the tree, the angle of the branch to the trunk, the strength of the particular timber type, all play a part in the issue. if you look at the tree you will see that nature has crafted the tree to the law "ordered spontinaity within predefined boundaries". what this law essentially means is that any growth is possible and allowable as long as it does not go against certain rules. if the tree grows to high then it will blow over as it root mass will not anchor too much height. if the branches grow to long they will become too heavy and either sag to the ground and rot, or snap off under their own weight. the main difference between nature, and for example, human economy, is that nature knows its own rules and self edits all of nature to nature's rules. humans do not understand that the economy, like nature, is confined to act within "ordered spontinaity within predefined boundaries" and that the main problem human's have economically is that they build political, business and other systems that flout this primary law of nature; which quite simply can not be beaten. we humans think that our thinking is 'god like', but fail to realise how short our civilization's existance has been. our knowledge as a species is in its infancy and our world is run by politics and business, both of which intellectually fall far short of even being areas where intelligent thought is achievable. we were a race of monkeys and whether it be in our effects on nature, or in politics and business, it is certain to any thinking person that we are still; a race of monkeys.... xo to all sentient beings....

pyramid of pain

Hello Daryl. I found your site by accident and thought to add a bit. I'm going to tell my friends about the site so they can write something also. Great videos !.
I was at work today installing sewers under the ground where one day a city will stand. At present the work site is a cow paddock but one day it will rival Los Angeles in size. All around me in the cow paddock, pure countryside, people were doing their workplace thing. Stormwater drains, underground water, underground gas, underground power, underground telephone, underground optical fibre, all where they are never even seen by the future residents. When we are finished everything, including building the roads, the building industry will build buildings here. People will live here, breed here, work here, die here. They will be fed by the farmers, the cattle station owners, the fishermen, the butchers, the bakers, the gingerbread makers and hundreds of other food suppliers. They will be clothed by hundreds of other types of businesses. The kids will be taught in local schools. Petrol, Gas, Water, etc, and thousands of other items will find there way here, to where I now stand, to run the lives of the people who will live, breed, work and die here. Perhaps where I worked today is where the Mayor will live. Perhaps it is where YOU will live. Down here at the bottom of society are we who create, by building; the world. Up there at the top, uncomprehending of how this is all built, are the world leaders, perched up there on the top, of this pyramid of pain. This is the world we voted for, this morass, this spreading cancer that threatens to consume the planet, and us all, if only as those at the top of the pyramid of pain do not comprehend the workings of the pyramid at all.

just looking

hey daryl. just been looking at yer videos. great stuff. loved the bicycles ! keep them coming. xo. marshall.


hi daryl,

just a few words on gardening that i thought your readers might appreciate.

i was around 15 years old, just sitting with my legs hanging off the front porch in suberbia. i looked around me at the front garden. i imagined it growing and growing and getting more and more overgrown. i imagined that if it grew enough then it would eventually overcrowd and strangle itself and die off, with most plants dying and a few hardy ones remaining alive. years later, many years later, mathematicians discovered that a complex system, becoming too complex, would always collapse back in upon itself, back to simplicity, from where it could later grow out again into complexity, which would then also collapse, thus being a self perpetuating cycle of growth/destruction/growth/destruction/ad infinitum repititions. they called this mathematics "chaos theory". it has another name, since babylon and before, and that name is; gardening.... mathematicians are mostly indoor people and do not see the garden, or its larger copy, world economy. they understand the theory and indoors they understand the practice, but they do not use their knowledge to see and understand that the garden is world economy and that their quite valid gardening knowledge could now help the politicians understand the crumbling world economy around us. babylon, the roman empire, western civilization all had the same gardening issues and problems; before they dissapeared without a trace.... the gardeners always understood why; but no one ever listened....

world view of earth

hi daryl
the following is my say

the view of earth from space
is of a thing of beauty.

the view of earth from the air
is of a thing of confusion.

the view of earth from the ground
is of a thing of horror.

it constantly amazes me
that in a universe of suns
that we humans take ourselves seriously;
at all....

i mean, really, who are we ?
trying to impress !


cop this lot

the planet earth, apart from a solar wind here, a solar flare there, an incoming rock occasionally, and other incomings like moonlight, sunlight and assorted gravitational effects, is a "closed system".
the planet earth runs on 2 main "operating systems" which are ---
"ordered spontinaity within predefined boundaries" and "feedback loop system design".
"ordered spontinaity within predefined boundaries" is a rule that applies universe wide, whether it be in the forming and running of a galaxy, or in the forming and running of a world economy.
"feedback loop system design" is where a system feeds upon itself, so that it can spiral upwards, or spiral downwards, with the theory of stability just that, a theory.
nature, as does world economy, runs primarily on "ordered spontainity within predefined boundaries".
where things go wrong is that "feedback loop system design", which both nature and world economy also run on, is by its nature a system that will spiral either up or down; stability is not possible.
a good example is education. if you have good education, you have better people, who create better education, which creates better people, who create better education, etc ad infinitum spiraling upwards. if you have bad education, you get worse people, who create worse education, which creates worse people, etc ad infinitum spiraling downwards.
melting poles, melting economies are both a result of a downward spiral in a feedback loop system design.
the system can go down.
the system can go up.
by its nature; it can never be stable...
ordered spontinaity within predefined boundaries means what it says. anything is possible within that which the laws of nature allow. volcanoes, earthquakes, comets striking earth, world voter revolution; and always the fantasy possibility of eternal peace, harmony, and goodwill on earth ?; which human genetic design; forbids...


hi daryl.
great blog !. i finally worked out the global warming thing so i thought id put it here !
the amount of atmosphere of earth is a fixed amount, a bit like the volumn in a drinking mug.
if we keep putting gunge into the atmosphere its like putting gunge into the drinking mug.
how much gunge has to go in the drinking mug before there will be no room for air to breathe ?



hello daryl. i was watching your videos and just thought to say how good they are. keep up the good work on the environmental issues. its great to see !!



im a farmer. younger than me dad whose passed away. i have different ideas to him as the knowledge around is different for me than it was for him. i just planted some trees. 250 in fact. its just a start. ill do more later on. we need a few billion trees planted on this planet. yesterday would be soon enough. anyone can see that. well; not anyone; obviously; or we would be doing it !!!!

fire wood

hi. my contribution is that i grab scrap timber for my fireplace at home from the bins on the building sites where i work. i hate waste !. it saves waste and saves me bucks to. makes the world a better place and makes my life better to. xo.

heat rises

hi daryl. ive been reading your blog, and thought to put in a few words myself. i was just reading of something the other day, which follows, that i thought you might like, although it is a little scarey.
cities absorb heat from the sun. every building, every piece of pavement, every telegraph or light pole, every car body and everything else that can hold heat, does hold heat. this heat causes cities to be degrees warmer than the surrounding countryside. the heat of these cities rises as a column of warm air going upwards from the cities which in turn heats up the atmosphere. this happens from all of the possibly millions of villiages, towns, cities, and the roads that link them on earth. this heated atmosphere above the cities of course changes wind characteristics and wind temperatures across the earth. this affect is a major part of global warming and will get worse as more buildings and roads are built on earth. the affect of rising hot air from a city is so great that it pushes aside air currents including rain that would normally pass through a city. scarey huh ?... yup, we are sure a smart species; to find out all this stuff; too late ! thats the trouble with evidence; it can only be found out after the event has happened !!!! think about that !!!!

tomato in a tub

hey daryl. yer videos are grate ! just thought ta let yer know that i hav a tomatoe plant in half n old wine tub. its grate siting out on the porch where the sun gits ta it. tastes grate to. take care dude !

recycling !!

hi daryl.great blog. was just passing through and thought to add a say. we have three council bins on the property. food scraps; paper-plastic-glass; any other rubbish other than just mentioned, all have a bin each. in the kitchen we also have three swing top medium size bins that take the same as previously mentioned, except that bottles, plastic containers and largish cardboard sits by the door. the food bin gets emptied daily into the big bin outside. the stuff by the door goes out then also. the bin with mainly paper in it goes out when full which can be up to two weeks apart. the bin of assorted rubbish likewise goes out when full which also can be around two weeks apart. its a great system, especially since there is not much emptying to do !, which suites me fine. loved your videos and will be back to watch the rest. xo. sally.


i have been reading the previous and thought that i might put a bit here too.
the problem is fear. we are a species that runs on fear. we are to scared to change anything. change means tackling unknowns. it is scarey as changing things means that something could go wrong. its easier to stick to the tried and true. we feel safer. it is scarey to change. we might get blamed if something goes wrong; is the greatest fear. fear will destroy the environment. fear will destroy the civilization. conquering fear takes strength; a strength the species does not have. the fear can not be conquered by an occasional strong person unafraid of fear. it is a species fear. it can not be conquered.

petrol saving to save planet !

hi daryl !!
love yer blog dude !
my contribution to the world is to stay at home more weekends. i do my business in minor detours on the way home from work at night and then try to not go out ALL weekend. i save on petrol, save on money, but more importantly i get to be more lay back having a cruiser lifestle, with more home time on weekends instead of running around all over the place. best lifestyle yet !

deer shooting

im a deer shooter. love it. been doing it for years. love outdoors. near home just out of the suberbs there must be a deer farm somewhere as now and then i come across a deer, no antlers, stuck next to the road outside the fence. it looks like someones pet and as much as i am tempted to sneak up and make it dinner, i leave it alone, as it is nice to see wildlife alive, if only as living, more than dying, is what life is mostly about. the greenies give me the irritations sometimes. but for what its worth i support them. im old. my way of life is passing. perhaps it wont be a bad thing to see my time pass away to be replaced by something better for the planet and kids who will live here on this planet we adults have made such a mess of. thanks for the chance to speak. the world needs more people like you. keep it up. geoff. xo

saving water !

great site daryl. looks good. we save water by using a front loader washing machine. it is super efficient on water and power and keeps our household bills down while helping out the world a bit. loved your vidoes and will check the site again to keep watching as new ones appear.

elizabeth and harriet


its no big deal i know but i grow herbs on my kitchen window sill to chuck in a salad now and then. great.


the problem with this planet is that there is no morality. i mean there is a right and wrong isn't there ? i'm not saying its simple or easy to work it out, but shouldn't we look into it as a species ? am i old fashioned ? isn't our survival as a planet and species difficult enough, without lack of morality to make it worse ? am i missing something ? xo

air drying to save power

hi daryl
my kids just had a go so i thought i would add a bit to. i always air dry my washing. its quite a bit of washing, i can tell you, with two kids. but it saves on power and stops the clothes disapearing down the lint filter. there is something nicer in the feel of air or sun dried clothes and a bit of fading by the sun makes them more lived in, which makes me more sentimental about the lives in those clothes. keep up the blog daryl and good luck with your aims.

rabbits in the garden

im megans brother. im 12. we also have rabbits living in the garden. i have only seen two rabbits so far. a big rabbit and a baby rabbit. i suppose the big rabbit is the mother rabbit. i wonder where the father rabbit is ?. it is nice to have things alive around the house. we live in suberbia. we also have birds, possums and tiger snakes from the river close by. sometimes a snake will climb a tree after a possum.mum gets unenvironmental then ! as she thinks people are more important than snakes. thanks for reading this. i would love to hear stories from other kids about their animals.

vegie sticks

hello daryl. when the kids get home from school i give them organic vegies sliced into sticks to munch on, rather than having them develope into unhealthy eaters as they grow up.

frogs in our pool

im 10 and we have frogs in our pool. last year all the tadpoles got killed by the filter. this year we left the pool dirty untill the tadpoles had grew into frogs. now we have frogs in the garden everywhere. next year they will have tadpoles and we will have more frogs still. they sound nice talking to each other at night.

the ocean of life

i thought of myself once as an australian. i labelled myself by the name of the piece of rock and dirt that i live upon. caught up in my head by the line on a map, artificial, imaginary, called a border. i grew, up, and out, and saw that i was but one small individual, one of a larger family, called the human race. standing here, on the rock that is australia, i reach out with my consciousness, to touch my fellow humans on earth. reach back, for as i can touch you, you can touch me also. let this site become a conduit, that all peoples of the world have a place to meet and communicate. we are all together in this, awash on an ocean of pain, having only each other, on the raft of survival that is life....
we are one family.
we are one family.
we are one family.
say it !
for it is true !!!!
yes; it even includes; you !


hi daryl. i brought some great non chemical makeup at the local market. it took me months to find it ! the market is at south melbourne in the state of victoria in australia. hope this exciting girl news helps others ! keep up the great blog.xoxoxo.

5 problem areas

me again.
more comments for what they are worth are as follows.
religion, science, politics, and business beliefs, put into the world, via law, are what cause all good, indifferent, and bad on earth.
it all traces back to law....
and further back to religion, science, politics and business beliefs.
unravel all that is what you will have to do to solve world problems.
we live on a planet of dirt; and pretty soon that is exactly just all it will be !

environmental morality !

hi daryl.fantastic blog ! interesting to read to ! can i have a say ? yeah !.
i was driving in the country looking at the dry grass and wondering how them farmers stay sane, when the weather is so goofy. i mean, even when the weather is "normal", whatever that is !, it is risky to be a farmer; how risky is it now ? makes me wonder about lots of things ! can we risk argueing over vegetarian vs meat when the weather is the largest issue for all of us ? shouldn't we put our differences aside awhile to tackle larger issues than our individual lives moaning ? not that individual lives arent important of course ! just that an environmental colapse is a larger issue,that affects us all. we are one family. together we are one. we are all in the one boat; whether we like to admitt it or not !

public view

hi dazza, great site, bit hard to find though. i was reading the previous comments and decided to have a go, hoping you will put it in.
the trouble with the human race is that we suffer from group belief.
this is where we learn our beliefs from our family tree/parents and from those around us in society as we grow up. copycat thinking !.... its a bit like non thinking thinking !.... our lifestyles worldwide come from these beliefs. these lifestyles are what is destroying the planets environment and the societies world wide. untill we start to question our beliefs and see the error of them then we will not be able to combat the problems in the world. thanks babe for the chance to have a say; greatly appreciated. xo.

yer thats wat i recon !

the truble with people is thet we r like an infestaton of bug. yer know ? we inhabit an area until we wreck it then we move and wreck that place too ! when we find that all thet mooving is a pain we setle down. then we reach out into the wurld round us and wrek it without even havin to leeve home ! ah, civuluzation ! aint it good !


i was reeding the bit on the sea rising and sent this bit in t go with it. all our poisons from agriculture and from industry and from technology and from cities, all go eventually into the ground, water table and mainly in to the oceans. the ocean currents take it all around the world, so that all the oceans of the world are polluted by poisons at all depths. when the poison levels are high enough the smallest life in the oceans, the real microscopic stuff, will die off world wide. at this point the entire ocean ecology will collapse, as this microscopic life is what allows the entire oceans to function. all fish will die, but worse still the oxygen creation by the oceans, that gives us most oxygen on earth, will cease. at this time the human race will slide into extinction. at what level of poison in the ocean will this hapen ? well ! science doesnt know ! i sure dont know ! do you know ?


polar melt

thought i might have a say to!. the north and south poles are big iceblocks. the surface melts into water, flows down through cracks in the ice, and flows downhill under the ice and into the oceans. the ice keeps itself cold, which slows melting. but more ice is melting away every summer, than refreezes each winter. each year this effect is accelorating. some years there is a heavier freeze and some ice is gained back. but overall through the years there is more ice lost as the effect accelorates. it is plain to see that this effect is not reversable as 7 billion people on earth have lifestyles that are causing the poles to melt. to stop the poles melting most of the 7 billion people would have to change their lifetyles. they are not interested in doing this, don't know how, and could not be forced even by a world government, if only as the task is to complex, with no knowledge, infrastructure, or trained staff to make it possible. they are my thoughts on the matter and if it sounds gloomy then perhaps you can be consoled by knowing; that you get what you vote for !.


sea levels and earthquakes

hello daryl,

i have been looking at some of the sites on the internet and came across yours. i loved the videos and that you are attempting to raise world awareness, something that must be quite a task to do, given that we the people are so seperate as individuals out here on the planet. how do you reach each of us individuals out here ? i also loved your blog and that people are putting in their informed and thoughtfull words. i have a few words of my own, my own private moan, that no one will listen to, and will contribute it here hoping that someone who reads your blog can do something with the following.


as the sea levels rise there will be a massive increase in the weight of water pressing down on the ocean floors.

the ocean floors will sink down as the earth's crust is pushed down.

land masses will rise, unevenly, to compensate; new pieces of land, and new islands, will be born.

fault lines will experience massive stress. there will be a sharp rise in frequency and severity of earthquakes, and volcanic activity, including in dormant volcanoes.

tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic activity, will have massive effects environmentally and socially, and especially on the economy.

worst case scenarios include collapsing of tourist industry, collapsing of agriculture, collapsing of local and world economy and a throwing of the world into a nuclear war in a desperation for survival.

the real worst case scenario is that the yellowstone super volcano in the usa might erupt, which could have effects even worse than that of a nuclear war.

i speculate that the rising oceans will cause enough volcanic activity to throw the planet into an ice age, and thus that the trigger for an ice age is that the polar caps melt, thus causing the` sea levels to rise, which can occur naturally or unnaturally.

whether the above happens, how long it will take, depends on many things; none of which we the human race understands or seems to care about understanding.

the older people on earth will probably be ok; they will get to pass away before the event.

but our children and their children, and so on down through the ages; they will know the horror we adults bring into existance, through the inactions we perform now.


re bees

i just read the words on bees and was amazed that there is a bee world that i didnt realise existed and that it is in the cities all around us. great site to kirk. i wonder what more there is out there ?


I thought I would send you some good news about bees.I go to your site from time to time and I noticed you had a section on good news.I\\\'m a Urban Beekeeper in L A right in the city.I have twenty hives.All my bees are managed with out the use of any chemicals what so ever.The use of Chemicals in the hive to treat Mites has caused the mites to get resistive to the chemicals and the bees have been weaked.Adding the use of Agriculteral Chemicals and the loss of habitat the bees have dropped in numbers.Also there has been a drop in Beekeepers numbers also.Beekeepers used to have bees for honey
and pollen now that has changed to Pollination.Northen California has 1.4 millon hives moved up there for the Almond groves.The commercial and hobby beekeepers also feed there bees pollen sustitute and corn syrup which isn\\\'t natural.So the industrialization of bees like chickens and turkeys and pigs has created a bad problem for the bees.I have my hives at differnt locations in L A and I solocite people to sponsor a beehive in there yard.All my bees are captured wild bees.I call these bees Feral Survivors.This population of bees is very diverse like nature intended.I started a bee club at the community garden I have had many people call about beekeeping this hasn\\\'t happened before.So if you want to know more good news go to my site and click on some of the links there is a good natural organic chemical free beekeeping movement afoot.Good Luck to you and your endeavors

an addition to "attitude" below

hi again daryl,

i was just checking on your blog and thought to add 2 things i just came across re the counselling course i was doing.

from a bookmark made from a x-mas card from a charity ---


from a cd about the counselling course ---

14 effective counsellor characteristics.

1/ - own identity
2/ - respect and appreciate themselves
3/ - recognise and accept own power
4/ - open to change
5/ - making choices that shape lives
6/ - feel alive
7/ - authentic, sincere and honest
8/ - sense of humour
9/ - make mistakes and willing to admitt them
10/ - live in the present
11/ - appreciate the influence of culture
12/ - sincere interest in the welfare of others
13/ - derive meaning from your work
14/ - able to maintain healthy boundaries

what would you score yourself out of 10 on each of these ?

i wondered how much better the future of our world would be if all children could be educated better than our adult world has ever been....

ponder that, adult readers; that it is the children, our children, who will make or break the future of our world.

growing food

hi daryl.
today at work i was sowing grass in nature strips. i was sowing it by hand. you know, like the human race did long ago, before we got "civulizzed". it was a great feeling to cast a palm load onto the breeze, which carried it in an arc across in front of me, onto the soil that we had just laid. it would be great to live on a real farm that ran like in the old days. i can just imagine real milk, cheese, bread, organic vegetables and all that other farm stuff like chooks, pigs, geese, cows, etc, etc, etc. keep your site up, its great to hear others words about the world around us. xo.

re centennnial

hay daryl, how yer doing ? grate site ! i read thet book centennial mentioned in yer blog. its a real dude of a book.. i read the bits about the horses and bison but what realy trashed my head was how old this land is. i mean like really old !
the way mountains wear away by the rain and how the little bits of gravel that was mountains wash all the way down to the plains then on ter the sea. its boggling i tell yer ! i can only wunder how humans who have been here so little time can have messed up the planet so mmuch. and we are smaryter than the other anumals ?. thats all folks.

fantasy house

hi daryl. love yer site. heres a few ideas for houses of the future to add to ya blog. a large fireplace in the lounge at the bottom of the stairs so the hot air rises up the stairs to warm the bedroom. double glazed windows of course to keep the heat or cool in and to lower the power bills and some windows that open out to catch the breeze and funnel it inside. insulated ceiling walls and floor for heating cooling noise and power bills. some large windows facing the suns movements with thick insulated curtains ditto re heating cooling noise and power bills. set so as to avoide prevailing winds unless such winds are desireable. solar power with bio fueled generator back up. gas stove and some heating run off methane from pig excretement. perhaps buried in the ground half way or all the way except for some windows doors. perhaps some underground rooms for cool storage of organically grown produce. underground water tanks with x years supply of pure water. pot belly stoves for efficient heating and low fuel consumption sited in small cosy rooms again for efficient heating and low fuel consumption. some rooms with high ceilings lest claustrophobia set in with these rooms heated by pipes in the floors and hooked into solar heating pool heating lines with hookup into pipes run through rear of fire place and the rear of wood fired stove. cant think of anymore so ill leave it at that. lots of ideas out there though !

having a say

hi daryl,love your work. since everyone else is having a go i thought i would stick my words in to. i havent got anything particular to say as i am new to all this environmental thing. im just browsing the web and came on your site. i must say that it is the best site design i have found so far. creativity plus and going well by the look of it. the things mentioned give me food for thought especially the uranium stuff. you cant see whats in the wind any more than you can taste whats in your food or water. scarey stuff. hope the issues get sorted out but am not optomistic as too much profit and job security stands in the way. thanks for letting me have a say.


its all screwed up for us kids you know. you adults have messed up our future just fine. in the 60's we were scared of the bomb. now we are scared of global warming. what are you adults going to do to us next ? the planet was great untill adults came along. if the adults had stayed living in the trees it would have been ok. adults; who needs them ! buy a dog i say; they talk more sense ! vote "fido" !

keep it up

Hi 'friend of the planet'

I have been cruisin yer great blog and think its great. keep it up.


science invents new toilet

i was looking at environmental issues and after reading the thoughtfull remarks on your blog i came to the conclusion that not all greenies are extremist fruitcakes.

i don't know if you will publish what i just wrote much less the seriousness i am about to write, but i will write it anyway as it is important.

what i write next might sound like rubbish to some, but it is at the heart of the matter in that it is about scientists and their mentality.

if i ask you the reader, "who are you", you will answer with your name, ie, "jack", "jill". if you ask yourself "who am i" then of course the answer will be the same in that you will answer with your name, ie, "jack", "jill".

then i will say "no" that, ie, "jack" or "jill", is what you are CALLED, it is what your BODY was NAMED, LABELLED, at birth. I asked you NOT what you are NAMED or CALLED but; WHO are you.

WHO you are looks out through your eyes; it has no name.
you are NOT your BODY, or the NAME, LABEL, of your BODY.

scientists in europe recently started up their latest expenditure which is the super collider that will whiz small particles into each other from opposite directions to produce even smaller particles in the theory that this search will tell them something of the beginnings of the universe.

last weeks news is last weeks news and many of "us out here" believe the tax dollars would be better spent, especially given the state of the world environmentally, socially and economically.

these experiments to find smaller and smaller particles fail in one area and that area is in that of the question.

the question they ask is;
"can we find the smallest particle and what will we learn from it".

the quetion should be;
"what it the nature of reality".

the question;
"what is the nature of reality"
is the "top question" asked by philosophers/metaphysicans and religious theologians who are looking for the "final answer".

the question;
"can we find the smallest particle and what will we learn from it"
is a question asked by "technicians" who style themselves "scientists".

it is all about the intellects daryl and the questions they ask in regard to environmental, social and economic issues.

you do not ask a technician, or a scientist, to find the truth, you ask them to fix the toilet.

if the world's problems are to be solved then we as a species better start by finding the right people for the jobs.

i hope you publish that and if you do then thanks very much. there is much more on the "who am i" scenario but this is not the place for it and perhaps people, in trying to nut it out, will become better thinkers in regard to the issues all around us.

keep up the great job daryl, in this blog and in your career and life. i and "we" out here sincerely appreciate that someone like you would care for and bother for people like "us".
fred the philopsopher


hi daryl

i thought i would contribute to your blog just to help the world a little ! if you want to go 'green' on soap do what i do for my dishes. take an old tin can, like soup or dog food comes in. punch some holes around the bottom with a can punch. chop up a pure soap bar into small pieces and put some pieces in the bottom of the can. when you do the dishes run the hot water slowly into the can and soapy water will come out the bottom into the sink. don't burn your hand if the can gets hot ! soak the dishes awhile and then wash them like you usually do. it's cheaper, safer and more satisfying. have an old saucer somewhere to store the tin on untill next time.
keep up the blog daryl; it's great !

re - uranium mine

hello daryl

i was passing by your site and read, among others, the article re uranium mine, and thought i might add a point of view for the public to read on this blog.

there are many things wrong on this planet environmentally and socially. pretty well anything wrong environmentally has an effect socially.

there are two ways of handling these issues. one is reform. the other is rebellion.

reform is a method where the mentally incompetent speculate that the course of the sun can be changed by picking a flower. the odds are stacked against reform and have been all through history.

rebellion is a method where optomists bang their heads against the wall untill the blood they spill washes all hope away. the odds are stacked against rebellion and have been all through history.

both sides, historicaly, have not had much in their favour when it came down to results.

what happens in the real world is that socety evolves and de-evolves on at the same time, with momentum of population numbers being the driving force.

it all plays out; to the end; and no force can realistically hope to stop it.

the era of history we are now in, from an antropologists or historians point of view, is an era of history in decline. this civilization is going down and nothing can be done to stop that, as the momentum from 7 billion people on earth is not something that can be stopped.

we are far past the issue of one uranium mine. it is neither here nor there.

we are interconnected world wide, shut up in the closed system that is the environment of the earth. there is no way out. we can not shut down the economic activity of the 7 billion people on earth, and it is that momentum that will carry things to their natural conclusion.

it is not about one uranium mine that we fight. it is about the existance of the whole civilization world wide in its insane interconneced complexity.

sure, we need to fight for local issues, but if we don't make it a priority to fight at a higher level for world wide issues, then we are quite simply not going to have a world.

the likelyhood of beating the uranium mine, backed by the government, is not very high. they will do what they do.

if you want to win locally you have go to higher levels, so you come down with power from the top, rather than be looking up from the bottom with no power.

only from the top levels of government, world wide, can these issues be won, and only then if the governments world wide are governments sympathetic to the people and to the planet.

thus the best way to win is to vote in the best governments world wide and to then both support and pressure them until the necessary jobs are done.

water from above

hello daryl.
i was looking at your creatively interesting site and just thought that i would add my words to go with the others before me. i was at work today, outside, working on creating roads for a housing estate. i looked up in the sky and saw the rain coming. needless to say that the rain came along its normal "rain belt" path through the sky. "rain belts" are well known. you can stand outside and see the rain clouds, pouring rain, drift across the sky, passing to your left. while at the same time other rain clouds, pouring rain, drift across the sky, passing to your right. you stand in the middle, on your farm, dry, while the farm either side of you gets all the water !. they get crops and profit; you get eviction.
i always wondered why no one ever created reservoirs under rain
belts ? i know they probably shift, a little, but even temporary portable reservoirs could help in desperate situations.
something for the politicians engaged in formulating environmental policies to think upon ?

uranium mine

I was at Jack Lee’s “Pro-Energy” meeting on July 29th and at the subsequent meeting for the Paradox Community on August 25th.

At Jack Lee’s meeting I and 10 other people were not allowed to speak about the fact that we are against the proposed uranium mill being built in the Paradox Valley nor to state any of the reasons or facts for that being what we think. I stayed at the meeting because I like my neighbors, I love living in Paradox, and I wanted to listen to what my neighbors had to say. I was shocked that we couldn’t speak about being against the mill or we would be escorted out of the meeting by the two sheriffs standing at each side of the door. I have been friends with some of the people there for over 16 years, that means a lot to me. So I listened and heard that people need jobs, though I don’t know of anyone in Paradox that actually wants to work at the mill. I know of a couple of guys that drive truck or mine that would have related jobs.

The members on the Montrose County advisory planning committee that were there were Jack lee, Ken Heldman and Marty Warner. Liz Steele came in the middle of the meeting. Bob Hampton was not there. Jack and stated that he was for the mill, Marty said she was there to listen and she asked for a show of hands of those for (25), against (11), and undecided (4) about the proposed mill.

Craig Pirazzi and Ron Steele arranged for a Paradox Valley community meeting on August 25th. Although it was hastily arranged over 35 Paradox citizens came and each person could speak for 5 minutes about their viewpoints about the proposed uranium mill. A show of hands indicated that those for and against were about equal in attendance with a few undecided. People talked about Paradox being a peaceful community where we basically live and let live and people get along, and that our community is more important than our views on the proposed mill. I realized that I have a lot more to learn about this proposed mill. How can we know what to think unless we know all the facts? As a community we need to know what we are getting ourselves in for if this mill proposal is approved by the County Commissioners and if later the Radioactive Materials License is approved by the CDPHE.

How would this mill affect our air? I shared some information on the amounts of pollutants that CDPHE allows the Cotter Uranium Mill near Canyon City to emit each year.

(Particulate matter: 128.6 tons per year; Sulfur Dioxide: 19.3 tons per year; Nitrogen Oxides: 81.4 tons per year; Volatile Organic Compounds: 89.6 tons per year; Carbon Monoxide: 67.0 tons per year; Sulfuric Acid Mist: 47.0 tons per year; Ammonia: 189,260.0 lbs. per year; Sufuric Acid: 94,000.0 lbs. per year; Sulfur Trioxide: 46,063.0 lbs. per year; Hydrochloric acid: 4,452.0 lbs. per year; Nitric acid: 3,500 lbs. per year; Radionuclides: 660 lbs. per year (as Uranium and Thorium in particulate matter).

Someone mentioned that the storms (and dusts) in the Paradox Valley travel from the northwest through and over the valley headed directly toward Redvale, Norwood and Telluride. Someone else asked why this proposed mill concerns citizens from Norwood and Telluride and other areas….Perhaps because they breathe.

I answered that uranium is an international concern because it can be made into bombs or into the nuclear power waste product Plutonium that no one has found a long term safe solution as to what to do with it. There’s enough of it already on Earth to destroy the planet if terrorists get it.

Another woman spoke about ground water: there is a major fault line and unstable gypsum where they propose putting the mill tailings; the aquifer here extends to Lake Powell and drainage goes into the Dolores River and into the Colorado River; by 30 years from now Energy Fuels proposes milling enough ore to produce 10,500,000 TONS of finely ground mill tailings that they would store on top of a major fault line in a double (!) thin plastic liner that could crack (liners all eventually crack) and leak and contaminate the ground water. Once the groundwater is contaminated with the radionuclides, heavy metals, and the chemical pollutants in mill tailings there is no way to clean it up. How much contamination of our groundwater and air will it take to affect our health and genetics and that of our animals?

Two women spoke about how they had lived by the mill in Uravan and that they were in good health. I thought about those who died from exposure to the radioactive dusts and Uravan is gone because the whole town had become radioactive after years of contamination from the mill. I don’t want Paradox to become a toxic radioactive ghost town.

Another person spoke about how Energy Fuels is going to make this mill safe with technological improvements. Only a few people had read the application for the special use permit that Energy Fuels gave to the Montrose County Planners and Commissioners to get approved. No one knew what the technological improvements are or how the proposed mill will be safe. Someone said you can’t trust companies. That they tell you anything to get what they want. Various people talked about Energy Fuels financial status, that their stocks have continually fallen over the past year, that they don’t have the money to build the proposed mill, and that they are a penny company which means their company isn’t worth much. It was then said “then we don’t have anything to worry about.” I replied, “If they get the permits to build the proposed mill they could sell the property and permits to another Uranium company which might want to use it differently. What if they want to bring in highly radioactive waste materials from other areas and the Paradox Valley becomes an even worse toxic radioactive materials waste dump?”

After the meeting was over many people stayed in groups chatting about the proposed mill, fruit we’re canning, how our gardens are growing, etc. In my studies of other mills, I have read one of the worst social impacts when the nuclear industry becomes active in an area is how it divides a community. It was wonderful to see Paradox Valley residents respect people with differing opinions and listen to each other and learn from our differences. I love Paradox and I hope it stays the nice place to live it has been for me for 16 years.

Ruth Marie Moore


thanks don

this following results from reading don's comments. sorry if it's a bit wordy.
i was a shooter. i started around 8 years old. my dad took me at "access to child, post divorce time", every 2nd weekend, and may, september, x-mas scool holidays.
i was a very good hunter. where others found one rabbit i would find six. i was a very good killer to; if i found it, then it was dead, that simple.
it all fell apart when my dad got married again when i was 18. he was busier, i was a teenager, life went downhill.
camping, fishing, shooting, was all i ever had,; with my dad.
mum was the life support, dad was a young boys companinship, hopes and dreams.
mum fed me. dad taught me; skills in how to use my mind. for that is what a young boy learns from his dad; life skills from "doing". you know don; "guy things".
i have many stories that i could tell but the following are the most important.
my dad took the verbal view that as a fisherman and shooter of shotgun, 222 and 22-250, that he was a conservationist, that he cared about the land.
as i had stopped shooting years before and had become a bit, only a bit, green, these remarks almost twisted my head off my neck.
his reasoning was that he supported clubs that spent money fixing wetlands so there would be a place to find and kill more ducks, so that in helping fix wetlands he was doing environmental good.
my head was still twisted on my neck at that one !
but he had a love for this land that don would understand, that i understand, that many shooters and loggers understand.
you see, only the people who live on or off the land are spending sufficient time with the land to fully experience what the land actually is.
my dad sounds like a hypocrite, and technically he was. but in matters of the heart and of humanity he had it right.
my dad fed two possums in a tree in the backyard. my dad had two dogs for retrieving ducks and for dog trials.
the dogs were his extra children and lived mostly inside; they thought they were people. they wanted to vote.
one day on a visit i found that the dogs had killed the possums. my dad was laughing about it and i went a bit verbal and ballistic; we had been feeding those possums for years, dad and me.
dad's view was that it was natural, that's just the way nature is; that it was life just being life.
my dad was a simple man, sometimes he sounded like a simpleton, but there was a clarity there that most just fail to see.
many years before dad and i were out shooting at night. we did't need a spotlight as the moon was so bright.
we came across two rabbits, a buck and a doe, going through a pre-mating ritual.
the buck jumped high into the air, over the doe, pausing in the moonlight, at the top of his jump; where i blew him out of the air with a snap shot bullet through his chest.
we probably ate him; i can't remember
rabbits; they love to....
learning to camp, fish, shoot, and other things with my dad gave me much competence and confidence very early in life. i was way to much for school or bosses to be able to deal with easily.
one day i will use the confidence i have, that i learnt killing things, for better things in the world, than killing a daddy rabbit, just looking for a wife.
rabits; they love to....


horses and land

horses originated in america. they migrated overseas and disappeared there.
lots later they went back as immigrants.
later still they began to disappear in the wild, world wide, as they were hunted to near extinction, for people food or dog food.
then their numbers began to rise again world wide, due to their use as sports or pleasure animals.
there are many complaints by green type people about horses cutting up the earth with their hooves. that horses are anti nature in the mess they make of the earth, especially of the tracks in national parks.
but horses are a part of nature to !; it is a part of nature to have erosion, storms, fires, as well as bacteria, virus and illness.
horses exist wild in nature, i think, in only one place in the world. i think there are ongoing attempts to reinsert them into the wild in one or two other places in the world.
horses only just avoided extinction by humans as we decided that it is better to use them for pleasure or profit, than to have them disappear into extinction, thus depriving us of pleasure or profit.
in the end it all works that way. if it's profitable or pleasureable to kill it; then do so. if it's profitable or pleasurable to save it; then do so.
untill we move past the mechanical thinking of this present civilization we wil never evolve as a species.
i don't mean to run the planet on "love", "respect", "environmental balance", "spirituality", or any other word. words do not describe reality.
i just mean that if we can't find a better way of doing things, that one day there may be no human species in existance, to be talking on anything at all....

julie xo

the future and the land

i was brought up in suberbia when it was mainly empty outdoors lots. i spent a lot of time away doing outdoors country things. in winter if i wasn't in the country i was riding to the beach to swim. to me it was all outdoors. outdoors wasn't in my blood; it was my blood.
when i have kids i am going to whisk them away to the country from the day they are born. to seperate them from the things in the city that drag people down.
there isn't much to do in the country for kids, once they grow past a kids adventuring mentality. so i will introduce them into country activities and a country way of life. if i am lucky i might be able to move to the country before they are born.
if we are to ever save this planet
we have to learn love, respect, and to have responsibility for the land, which can not happen if people have no interaction with it on a daily level.
we adults will never change the world a lot, as we live off it the way it is, and need to keep it going this way to survive.
but if we can bring up the children better, then they will be the people, via their lifestyle choices, who will change the future of the world.
ultimately it's all about educating children. all children; world wide.


ongoing environmental issues

in the high country there are many issues between cattlemen and conservationists. cattle keep the growth down which protects against fire which destroys delicate species.
in other areas removing rabbit populations causes whole species of plants thought extinct to reappear as they were never extinct anyway only chewed down to ground level for many decades by rabbits.
it is aso true that it is necesary for some species of tree to regenerate via intense fire and that if there is no fires ongoing then that species of tree will die out to be replaced by other types of foliage. this is evolution interfered with by those who oppose forrest fires or evolution aided by those who allow or even cause forrest fires.
it's all very fine for greens, loggers, conservationists, cattlemen, etc, to oppose each other but the issues will always ? be far larger and more complex than each side of an argument in their knowledge limitation can ever understand.
"we" the species simply do not know enough about anything to fix much of anything.
"we" pontificate on about everything but know less than 100% on all subjects on earth or in the universe.
unless "we" admitt that we are dealing with serious reasoning, knowledge, self honesty limitations, then "we" are going to get into a worse pickle as a species than we are already in.


saving water

YO ! daryl; great site, good idea to,
that we can all have a say, about time to!

i am a construction worker and was doing something interesting that i thought the world needs to know about.
we dug up a piece of golf course property, a hole around 150ft by 100ft and 20ft deep.
we leveled the bottom, smoothed out crushed rock, and installed 84 odd concrete boxes 7ft high, bottoms and tops, side by side, that linked together easily to hold 1,000,000 litres of water.
the water will be runoff used to irrigate the golf course but could just as easily hold any sort of reuseable water, for any purpose.
you could build one 10 stories high to hold 10,000,000 litres and go wider as large as you like, to literally hold a billion litres.
they could be built below every football, cricket, soccer, sports field in the world.
great idea for dry countries, countries that experience drought, a future of global warming, and just for common sense recycling to leave water in the river systems.
it would generate billions of dollars in jobs worldwide to.
keep up the great site daryl.
it's important for the world that people like you are seen to be worth following.


poison in your water

just thought to write here as others might like this idea.
why not share buying a water filter ?
you could park it at a home you all visit regularly and top up \\\"a six pack\\\" with fresh pure clean water when you were there.
great for adults but even better for the kiddies as they can get used to the idea of good health and common sense thinking before they grow up.

fossil fuel reduction

i'm a bachelor and live as concise as i can. i'm not as "green" as i would like to be but i try.
my hot water, heating and cooking are gas; heating i use a lot of.
my lights, power points and washing machine are electric.
i use the washing machine heaps, some cold wash, some warm wash.
i use 20watt downlights to cut costs and power use in the area i use the most power; lighting.
because i use mainly 20watt down light globes and don't leave lights on all over the place, my last power bill, in winter, was $5.90; in summer it was around $3.99.
we can lower fossil fuel useage worldwide; all you have to do is think.
put the money you save into other parts of the world economy, to the benefit of yourselves and others.


I am a hunter/fisherman. I vote conservative and for my selfish reasons being a business owner and capitalist, I voted for Bush twice. That said, I think what you do here and also what your supporters do, is so important and very commendable. Anybody on my side of the fence who thinks you are just silly activists are simpleminded and don’t get what you are doing. I grew up on a large ranch in Arizona and I know better than anybody what can happen when land is abused. I know a lot of you may think this is goofy, but I educate my friends and children about how important our land is by taking them out hunting and fishing, I use their interests to show them how important it is to respect the land we hunt on and we always go out of our way to leave it cleaner than when we got there by picking up other peoples trash etc. We park on roads and walk to where we want to go. Most of the abusers of land I see are not out hunting and fishing, but just idiots who don’t get it. People who hunt/fish or travel on our ranch and abuse it in the areas I go to, know I’m not shy about explaining environmental concerns while they try to get away from me.
Anyway, hold Bush or who ever need be, accountable, I do, and the beauty of being a supporter is they have to listen if they want the financial support. It’s easier to fight from within a group sometimes because you’re not looked at as an outsider.

Good job!


Don Dezonia

advocado oil

(this could go in the "tips" section)
please check the following for factual accuracy. as far as i know advocado oil is safer than olive oil as it will take hotter temperatures before turning carcinogenic. i used first cold pressed virgin olive oil of a mild taste and another of a coarser taste and also the advocado oil and found them all delightfull in their variety. the advocado oil is thicker but cooks up fine. i suspect it would be good on salads with its unique flavour.

summary of 1/2/3

to daryl and the species.

of "spiritual reality" parts 1/2/3
as follow below.

1/ --- when i wrote "spiritual reality" i certainly did not expect that daryl would see fit to publish it here.
i thought that her selection process would cut me out.
i almost died of shock when it appeared herein.
the same was true of "part 2".
i just did not expect it to appear here.
i pondered and realised that daryl will publish what she sees as being good for our planet and species.
that her, me, you, don't really come into it; that she just sees "us".
that it's not about daryl's preference, but about what is necessary for our survival as a planet, species and society.
i should not have been surprised that "mary movie-star" will publish working class words as it is words that are relevant and true that are her mission; not where or who they came from.
2/ --- there is a world wide grass roots movement that is slowly gaining momentum. this movement, fueled by many of the masses, and very few of the "others", has no holistically interconnected interaction within itself, has no organization, has no infrastructure, has no organizing "body" (government). this chaotic mass seems to me to be centred in the USA as only the USA has the population numbers, economic strength, ideas generation, and enough unhappy voters, to create and support a movement of this size in a format that is moving forwards in effects. i don't see that any other country in the world has this. thus i see the USA as the "light of the world" and as such the USA is the beacon for the rest of the world to follow towards salvation. some people, upon reading this, will think that i am an "american-o-phile". i am not. the facts are what the facts are. unless we as a species find "a light to follow to salvation" then there will be no salvation. we can all kiss our rear ends good bye. the politicians are threatened by the grass roots movement as they think we will try and take over the world. what with; vegetarian latte and vegan pie ?. only the USA as a world power has the position; president; to stand as tallest in the world. the USA can not become the beacon, the light, untill the president harnesses the grass roots movement to his cause, combining it into traditional economy, in a way that can change the whole world.
3/ --- at the time of writing this daryl has not published "part 3". i am a bit radical and perhaps my compliments to her in my writing are to embarrasing for her to publish about herself. none of what i wrote was about her, any more than it was about me. i merely write about "us" in a way designed to impact "your" hearts and minds. what the world needs, not daryl, not me, is for you people reading this to continue adding to this blog. we are genetically designed as a species to act as a group mind; to teach each other and to learn off each other. we need a place, on this planet, to learn ideas off each other. if you grow organic pumpkins in some innovative way, then tell the world about it here. if you have worked out nifty recycling then tell the world about it here. if you have worked out how to barter-car pool to save fuel consumption then tell the world about it here.... perhaps if the president understands that we are a force ready to be led, then he will harness us as a tool towards world salvation.
(daryl should of course feel free to edit; i'm not trying to take over babe, just saying what i would say to the world if i could - xo)

Hi Daryl

Hi Daryl,

Just found your website! Wonderful site! My sincere thanks and congratulations on such an important effort!

If I may, I would like to answer K Coopers question, “could you please provide me with JUST ONE FACT that supports the contention that human beings are causing Global Warming?”
I am saddened that this question is not asked often enough and that it is so rarely answered effectively. The failure, in my view, is the method of presentation. Generally evidence is presented as the “proof”. Unfortunately, evidence is always debatable, regardless how obvious. Especially when the evidence suggests something very undesirable. While evidence may support proof, it is not, itself, proof.
The proof is actually quite simple; Mathematics and Chemistry, or more generally, physics. These are all very well known properties as solid as 1+1=2. The properties and geology of carbon dioxide has been well known for a very long time, but the effect of adding carbon dioxide to our atmosphere was not seriously considered until 1962 when the Mariner 2 space probe returned data from the planet Venus. Among others, Carl Sagan studied the data and discovered that Venus was far too hot for its distance from the Sun. The cause was also in the data that reveled the carbon dioxide content of Venus’s atmosphere. This information was more of a wake up call than a discovery of chemical theory. The reflective properties of atmospheric carbon dioxide was already known, just not considered.

Since the volume of carbon dioxide being emitted from our cars, factories, etc. is measurable and since the volume of our atmosphere is well documented, it is not difficult to calculate the effects. The physics is as reliable as counting currency or dropping a Mentos in a bottle of diet coke. It is no mystery that adding $2.00 to $10.00 results in $12.00 or that adding bubble bath to your Jacuzzi will make bubbles or that adding 28.2 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year to 5.2 million billion metric tons of atmosphere will make a warmer planet.

Also, in response to W. Stratton’s concern for the monies and effort spent on planetary research, the information gathered, as in this case with Mariner 2, can be of enormous benefit to our quality of life and even survival. Another example is apparently silly scientific research. Who would have ever thought that research on bread mold would be of any practical use to anyone? It turns out, however, that the penicillin, derived from that research, has been quite useful.



Ken Thomas

Here on Earth

It amazes me that instead of being proactive we are often reactive. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that people like to explore. Like the old saying goes \\\"curiousity killed the cat\\\", in a way is almost the truth except, we are in fact \\\"the cat\\\". We are suppose to be the more intelligent species. I beg to differ. If anyting animals suffer due to our ignorance and arrogance. For once we should pay attention to our natural survival skills that have been slowly drained out of us through the years. When we need help, we often look to those that have been mocked in the past. Who will save us now?

And WHY is is nessesary to explore other planets? The only one we live on is planet Earth and needs all the TLC (Tender Loving Care) it can get to help save it. Before ever exlporing other planets, we need to fix the problems here first. Is Nassau planning on finding another planet to ship people to when this one disinagrates from beneth us? All the money and resources are wasted on these projects that are indeed useless. What does it take to have the painful voices heard? Money is an evil thing and as long as it shuts people up, it will still circuate. Our delicate Earth is in pain and is crying out in many ways and we ignore and than question as to why things are happening. It\\\'s time to wake up and make an effort. It\\\'s your life.
W. Stratton


Hi Darryl :o) Just a note to say thank you for all you do...Mother Earth sure does appreciate it and if we all stick together and do our part, we will in turn resurrect the stability and growth of our planet for healthy, future generations.

To all the celebrities that can share their voice in the public eye and to all the unsung heroes that are not seen, keep up the great work, try not to get discouraged and if you do, reach out to others for support. We're here!!!

Mother Earth appreciates our efforts!!

I don't get IT! IT's right in front of our faces!

The number of people who are not too concerned about the environment and our global warming issues amazes me. A large power company wants to run a huge, ugly powerlink through the Anza Borrego Desert to supply more juice to LA. Hey, here's an idea: Go Solar Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco etc. If you live in Cali, you know we have more sunshine than any other state, we could get the power meters running backwards and could produce power for years to come, without erecting more poles and powerlinks. Wind power is also a great power source, we could harness those annual Santa Ana's and produce mega watts of mega juice for all of California.....Everyone should become Sun-Lovers, even if they stay in the house all day. Thanks for the forum and the opportunity to speak!

Regards everyone!


"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."

On your issues over the massacre of bulls you only need follow the money trail. If things in this life seem a bit hard to understand it generally involves money. I don't know what the Yellowstone issue is but I do know that the Japanese will pay $25,000, or more, to kill a wild buffalo; this is fact. If it doesn’t make a bit of common sense, it involves money, on one plain or another!

Pennsylvania has a similar situation involving their whitetail deer population. They are being killed off in the name of saving the endogenous forest???? They have lived there for God knows how long and are now apparently are having their first meal.

The real reason this is transpiring is because the state of Pennsylvania is now in the logging business, on lands they purchased from state taxpayers funds, selling land leases to loggers and need to fence off thousands of acres, it goes on for miles, so exotic trees will grow once again and obviously commanding more money so the rich will have their cute furniture. Real nice!!

They do have another pretzel logic for this slaughter, the deer have no food? Gee, do you think it could have something do with all that fencing? Daaaa


my thoughts

dude sweet

nothings changed

It strange to look back some 35 years and see that the same topics in the news are back. Global warming and environmental issues, an unpopular war and the economy, going down the tubes. I pray we wake up before it's too late

Magazine editor

Now, this is we need; a ''back to basics'' website! What you are doing here is great! It's time the world got a wake up call!!

David Byron

thank you...

Just wanted to echo what Jai said. This is a wonderful website and has gone a long way restoring my faith that there are other like minded people out there :-)

If anyone visits London here is a great vegan restaurant

Ellie xx

Is anybody interested in the truth anymore?

I watched with interest this morning youir appearance on Fox News. I agree with some things you say and disagree with others but I would expect that this is how it should be. My concern is that when you gain a prominent platform to speak from as you did this mornin that you speak from facts. For example this is a fact; the projections for ANWR are 16 billion barrels. Compare this, for example, to what we currently import from Saudi Arabia and that compares to a 30 YEAR supply! On another note; could you please provide me with JUST ONE FACT that supports the contention that human beings are causing Global Warming? Always been a big fan and I know things like this web site take a lot of time - keep up the good work!
K Cooper


Hey, from the UK and never miss an episode, I've just turned 17 and afetr watching them I am now doing so much more to help the environment. I think there brilliant, great work, keep it up

thanks, Ellen

Warriors of the Rainbow

Hi Daryl -

As one who believes that all of Mother Earth's creatures are created equal in Her eyes - I run a 'forever home' horse sanctuary for nearly 330 horses - I heartily applaud you for what you do.

Hear the words of Chief Seattle: "When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear. when that happens, the Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."

You are a Warrior.

Jim Gath
Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary
Jim Gath

Saving horses

DH: I am passionate about rescuing horses and have been for a number of years. However, I do not have the finances to do so. I have expertise in writing (have a business plan) and hands on with retired horses. My dream is to save a couple from slaughter. I'm serious about this; I'm in my mid-50s, not a child dreamer. Zip me an e-mail, and I'll share who I am.
For those who cannot speak for themselves.....

Bio-deisel conversion

Just watched your interview on Fox Friends..I don't usually watch that network for obvious reasons, hence, their spin for support of Iraq war..etc..but I was surprised to see you promote alternate sources of fuel. I have been aware of the technology that is available to us for over 10 years. I have recently moved to an area where everything is either 20 miles one way and back. I currently own 2 vehicles. Both of them Toyotas..2003 Matrix and a 2000 Sienna Van. Is there a process for converting these so that they can run on veg oil. I told my wife before we moved here that we have to consider solar as part of our agenda. So far, the solar industry in the state of Mississippi is basically nonexistent. When I mentioned solar, most people simply shrug their shoulders and say it not in the forefront as far as people rushing to buy solar. I think that the expense factor scares people off because when I priced a system, the lowest estimate I got was 45,000 dollars for the base system and at the offset you have to determine whether or not you are going to sell back excess energy so they you are compensated by your energy provider by agreement once the sytem has paid for itself. I know that I might be asking too much but is there a possibility that solar will be more affordable. On the question of conversion to bio-deisel, this information needs to be assimulated to the masses so that they can make an informed decision not to buy more gasoline because it is not affordable and is hurting everyone is this country. It is disheartening, however, that the oil companies control
the process in their favor by not committing some of the profits for alternative fuel research and implementation. If you can shed some light on resources for getting my cars converted and the solar support agencies in this state or adjoining states, please foward via email. I will greatly appreciate it. I was very surprised that you have been involved in both technologies as far as supplying your own energy needs. It would seem that others would follow your example so this would be in the forefront. thank you....tony

we can only move in one direction

I think as resource depletion continues we will have no choice but to use less. Especially those of us with less money because the price of everything that uses non renewable resources has to go up. We may as well adapt as best we can as soon as we can.
Fixing or reversing the damage already done can only get harder when there are less resources, so it is easier to start that now too. But it has to be an approach where achieving one environmental goal wont make achieving another environmental goal more difficult.
That is what we are learning to do thanks to people like Daryl.
John from Australia

Biofuel Industry

Although there is a debate going on at the moment over whether or not the biofuel industry is actually contributing to ecological catastrophes, I still believe in its potential especially when I get information from "DH Love Life" vlog. I am from Rio de Janeiro and I feel optimistic about biofuel investments. Brazil has been put at the forefront of a biofuels movement, and it will hopefully meet the sustainability goals of the country as well as help the awakening of global interest in alternative fuels! xo from Ana
Ana Paula


I just want to say how much this website has inspired me. I never was a person who thought much about the environment, and then I started watching the videos. I've incorporated a lot of the things discussed in the videos into my personal life. I kicked my bottled water habit and invested in 2 aluminum bottles, switched my makeup over to mineral based, have become a committed vegetarian, and started a paper recycling program at work. I just want to thank you Daryl, and all those who work with you to keep this website going. You may never know how many lives you touch, but I wanted you to know how deeply you have influenced me.


Julie Costanzo
Julie C.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been weaving my way
through the video segments.... I've learned a ton of things, and I
thought I knew a lot about living lightly on the Earth..... and, I've
passed the link along to EVERYONE I know....

I can' tell you how energized I've become. It's hard sometimes to
continue to fight the good fight when the rest of the world is still
buying too much, and using too much and taking instead of giving.
These little snippets are my "church". I feel like I did 30 years ago

about what was then called the Ecology movement.

High praises miss....


just found your web site and lurve it.

when did you start shooting the webisodes? and how can
I find MARS, the vegan fast food place? googling it I
dont discover any info ...

super thanks for all the wonderful info ... I look
forward to revisiting and watching more episodes :)

with gratitude --



the articles, on dh, re horses & bison upset me

"we" "civilised" types shut it out
pretend it is not happening
avoid reading of it

faced with the truth
we are shocked
and in future;
avoid reading about
the results of our voting actions
and non voting inactions


ps ---

do yourself an education
and read
james a mitchener's book
which is about
indians & bison
and supposedly
it is an interesting perspective
in opposites
and the truths
that lie;
in between

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