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Poison Pistachios and Waste Foods Are Viable Clean Fuel Source

Monday April 6, 2009: Santa Cruz, CA
Permaculture and BioFuels Expert and author David Blume announced
today that the current Poison Pistachio crisis that is triggering
nationwide recalls can be readily repurposed into an environmentally
and economically beneficial Alcohol Fuel product.

“Contaminated and waste food crises such as the recent toxic peanut
recall and the current Pistachio recall demonstrate once again why
America needs a thriving small-scale alcohol fuel system,” Blume
stated. “Pistachios and peanuts are blended with wheat and sugary
carbohydrates to create an enormous variety of food products. Toxic
carb-ladened products in the form of billions of tons of recalled
cookies, grain based dog food and candy that are presently be directed
to area landfills around the US would serve a far productive and safer
purpose and are ideally suited to be fodder for alcohol fuel.”

We can extract the starches and sugars from these products, feed them
to yeast (the same yeast used to make bread), which converts them to
an end product alcohol fuel suited to replacing gasoline, ethanol,
biodiesel and heating oil.  Nut oil extracted from the brew could
provide all the boiler fuel required to run the plants producing the
modest heat and electricity used by the distilleries.

Massive food system failures happen with surprising frequency.
California-based Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc., the nation's
second-largest pistachio processor, was voluntarily recalling a
portion of the roasted nuts it has been shipping since last fall that
a Setton spokeswoman said amounts to more than 2 million pounds of
We just went through the Toxic Peanut recall affecting millions of
tons of food products.
In the 80’s there was an outbreak of aflatoxin in the nation’s corn
supply, which made most of a full year’s crop carcinogenic.
During the California medfly crisis, and Florida freezes much of the
citrus crops go to the dump.

Poison crops can be repurposed to help replace toxic fossil fuel and here’s how:
According to Blume, “Turning waste into valuable fuel, works best in
smaller local alcohol plants.  These plants are more nimble than the
behemoth Ethanol plants that rely exclusively on corn. By having
flexible material handling at the start of the distillation process,
they are able to use smaller lots of different materials. The
fermentation, distillation and Alcohol Fuel produced are the same
regardless of whether we use corn, beets, cellulose, old bread or
poison nuts.”

As demonstrated in Blume’s Amazon.com best-selling book Alcohol Can Be
Gas, a wide variety of waste foods including: donuts, broken pretzels,
candy and all sorts of food processing waste can be used to produce
clean, “green” Alcohol Fuel for about 30 cents per gallon. Blume and
his colleagues hope that President Obama’s plans for renewable fuel
will provide substantial enough incentives for
eco-entrepreneurs to build small-scale waste consuming distillation
plants to help clean up the environment while creating millions of new
non-exportable jobs that repurpose laid-off industrial and
agricultural workers across the country.

For more information about Mr. Blume or Alcohol Fuel production,
contact Tom Harvey, theCommunications, (530) 257-3533,
thcommunications@gmail.com, or visit: http://www.permaculture.com.

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