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Pesticide Action Network
PAN provides great information on pesticide use in farming, and campaigns to limit the use of destructive chemicals.        

Synthetic pesticides introduce new chemical elements into our biosphere; into a system which has been evolving steadily for several billion years.  Soil fertility has dropped considerably since the widespread use of pesticides, which have destroyed many vital microorganisms responsible for breaking down nutrients in the soil, evading disease and retaining water levels.  The soil is very much alive, and the rest of life, including us, depend dearly on it.

We cannot take for granted the notion that we have a 'right' to use reckless or thoughtless technology merely because we have developed it.  Indeed, our progress as human beings from this point forward will be marked by our ability to say no to tempting yet dangerous ventures.  The organic foods movement is an attempt to reverse this technocratic trend.  In agriculture we see another instance where what the sciences discover about the world and what we create when applying science are completely different things.

We realize through scientific progress that the earth functions metabolically as a single organism, and all of life within it serve different functions in maintaining these global conditions.  However, we are developing through science unsustainable technologies such as genetic engineering, synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and food irradiation.

Organic farming, through an inherent skepticism with many forms of technology, is in fact a far more scientific discipline than the current so-called agri-sciences.

"A weed is a plant with unrecognized virtues"  -Henry David